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Elisabeth Blagrove, BSc PhD (Associate Professor- teaching focused)

elisabeth Blagrove


Selective attention. Processing of emotional faces. Social attention.

Cognitive ethology.

Also: Development of executive functions. Visuomotor priming.

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 Representative Publications:

  • Blagrove, E., & Watson, D.G. (2010). Visual Marking and facial affect: Can an emotional face be ignored? Emotion, 10, 147-168

  • Watson, D.G., Blagrove, E., & Selwood, S. (in press). Emotional triangles: A test of emotion-based attentional capture by simple geometric shapes. Cognition & Emotion.

  • Schlaghecken, F., Blagrove, E., & Maylor, E. A. (2008). No difference between conscious and nonconscious visuomotor control: Evidence from perceptual learning in the masked prime task. Consciousness & Cognition, 17 (1), 84-93.

  • Schlaghecken, F., Blagrove, E., & Maylor, E. A. (2007). Incidental learning of S-R contingencies in the masked prime task. Journal of Experimental Psychology- Human Perception & Performance, 33 (5), 1177-1188.

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Supervisor to:

Naomi Chopra
Marc Skelton