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Gordon D. A. Brown, MA DPhil (Professor)

Gordon Brown



The interface between psychology and economics, with a particular focus on consumer behaviour, income inequality, and the relationship between economic factors and well-being. Mathematical models of human timing and memory, scale-invariant cognition and agent-based models of social influence.

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 Representative Publications:

  • Boyce, C.J., Brown, G.D.A., & Moore, S.C. (2010). Money and happiness: Rank of income, not income, affects life satisfaction. Psychological Science, 21, 471-475.

  • Brown, G.D.A., Gardner, J., Oswald, A.J., & Qian, J. (2008). Does wage rank affect employees' well-being? Industrial Relations, 47, 355-389.

  • Brown, G.D.A., Neath, I., & Chater, N. (2007). A temporal ratio model of memory. Psychological Review, 114, 539-576.

  • Adelman, J.S., Brown, G.D.A., & Quesada, J.F. (2006). Contextual diversity, not word frequency, determines word-naming and lexical decision times. Psychological Science, 17, 814-823.

  • Stewart, N., Chater, N., & Brown, G.D.A. (2006). Decision by sampling. Cognitive Psychology, 53, 1-26.

  • Brown, G.D.A., Preece, T., & Hulme, C. (2000). Oscillator-based memory for serial order. Psychological Review, 107, 127-181.

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Supervisor to:

Zhihong Huang
Weize Zhao