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Hester Duffy (Assistant Professor- teaching focused)

Hester Duffy



I’m interested in developmental cognition, and particularly the development of language in infants. My current focus is on the effects on early language development of infant-directed speech, and the underlying neuroscience of speech processing.

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Representative Publications:

  • Goslin, Jeremy, Hester Duffy, and Caroline Floccia. "An ERP investigation of regional and foreign accent processing." Brain and language 122.2 (2012): 92-102.

  • Sheehy, Kieron, and Hester Duffy. "Attitudes to Makaton in the ages on integration and inclusion." International Journal of Special Education 24.2 (2009): 91-102.

  • Houston-Price, Carmel, Kim Plunkett, and Hester Duffy. "The use of social and salience cues in early word learning." Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 95.1 (2006): 27-55.

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