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James S. Adelman, BSc PhD (Associate Professor)

 James Adelman



Visual word recognition; mathematical and computational modelling; psychophysics; cognitive individual differences.

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 Representative Publications:

  • Adelman, J. S., Sabatos-DeVito, M. G., Marquis, S. J., & Estes, Z. (2014). Individual differences in reading aloud: A mega-study, item effects, and some models. Cognitive Psychology, 68, 113–160.
  • Adelman, J. S., Marquis, S. J., Sabatos-DeVito, M. G., & Estes, Z. (2013). The unexplained nature of reading. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 39, 1037–1053.
  • Adelman, J. S. (2011). Letters in Time and Retinotopic Space. Psychological Review, 118, 570-582.

  • Adelman, J. S., & Brown, G. D. A. (2008). Methods of testing and diagnosing model error: Dual and single route cascaded models of reading aloud. Journal of Memory and Language, 59, 524–544.

  • Adelman, J. S., & Brown, G. D. A. (2008). Modeling lexical decision: The form of frequency and diversity effects. Psychological Review, 115, 214–227.

  • Adelman, J. S., Brown, G. D. A., & Quesada, J. F. (2006). Contextual diversity, not word frequency, determines word naming and lexical decision times. Psychological Science, 17, 814–823.

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