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John Galvin (Assistant Professor- teaching focused)


Research interests:

Autism Spectrum Disorders; Autistic Traits; Anxiety and Depressive Disorders; Stress; Mental Health

Contact Details

Representative Publications:

  • Galvin, J., & Richards, G. (2022). The indirect effect of self-compassion in the association between autistic traits and anxiety/depression: A cross-sectional study in autistic and non-autistic adults. Autism.
  • Galvin, J., Evans, E. H., Talbot, C. V., Wilson, C., & Richards, G. (2022). The associations between autistic traits and disordered eating/drive for muscularity are independent of anxiety and depression in females but not males. PloS one, 17(10), e0276249.
  • Jackson, E., Galvin, J., Warrier, V., Baron-Cohen, S., Shanhong, L., Dunbar, R., Proctor, H., Lee, E., & Richards, G. (2022). Evidence of assortative mating for theory of mind via facial expressions but not language. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. opens in a new window
  • Richards, G., Baron-Cohen, S., Warrier, V., Mellor, B., Davies, J., & Galvin, J. (2022). Evidence of partner similarity for autistic traits, empathising, and theory of mind via facial expressions. Scientific Reports, 12, 8451. opens in a new window
  • Galvin, J., Howes, A., McCarthy, B., Richards, G. (2021). Self-compassion as a mediator of the association between autistic traits and anxious/depressive symptoms. Autism, 25(2), 502-515. opens in a new window