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James Tresilian, BSc PhD (Professor)

James Tresilian   


Sensorimotor control and learning; role of vision in the planning and control of movement; perception of time and distance; mathematical models of sensorimotor interaction and control.

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Representative Publications:

  • Tresilian, J. R. & Plooy, A. M. (2006) Effects of acoustic startle stimuli on interceptive action. Neuroscience, 142: 579-94.

  • Shemmell, J., Tresilian, J. R., Riek, S., Barry, BK & Carson, R. G. (2005) Neuromuscular adaptation during skill acquisition on a two
    degree-of-freedom target-acquisition task: dynamic movement. Journal of Neurophysiology, 94: 3058-68.

  • Tresilian, J. R., Plooy, A. M. & Carroll, T. J. (2004) Constraints on the spatiotemporal accuracy of interceptive action: effects of target size on
    hitting a moving target. Experimental Brain Research, 155: 509-26.

  • Mon-Williams, M. & Tresilian, J. R. (2001) A simple rule of thumb for elegant prehension. Current Biology, 11: 1058-61.

  • Tresilian, J. R., Mon-Williams, M. & Kelly, B. (1999) Increasing confidence in vergence as a cue to distance. Proceedings of the Royal
    Society of London, B266: 39-44.

  • Tresilian, J. R., Stelmach, G. E. & Adler, C. (1997) Stability of reach-to-grasp movement patterns in Parkinson's disease. Brain, 120:

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