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Kim Wade Research Profile

Job Title
024 7657 5680
Research Interests

Applied memory and cognition, particularly the application of cognitive data and theory to legal and clinical contexts; false memories, episodic and autobiographical memory, witness evidence, police procedures, legal decision making, deception detection.


Kim Wade is a Professor in Psychology at the University of Warwick. She is a cognitive psychologist specialising in autobiographical and episodic memory, best known for her research demonstrating the power of fabricated evidence (e.g., doctored images/videos) to influence personal memories and behaviour. Kim is especially interested in the mechanisms that drive the development of false memories, and in refining the theories that explain false memory phenomena. Much of her work has implications for policymakers and professionals in legal settings (e.g., witness evidence in criminal and civil cases, police investigative techniques, "recovered" memories in the courtroom). She has served as an Associate Editor at Legal and Criminological Psychology for 8 years. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the international Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition (SARMAC) and Deputy Director of Warwick's Centre for Operational Police Research (COPR). Her research is published in many high-impact journals, and appears frequently in the media, in undergraduate texts, and in books for the educated layperson.

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Title Funder Award start Award end
Aleena Mahmood PhD ESRC DTP Scholarship: How Credible is Credibility Evidence in Refugee Status Determinations? An Interdisciplinary Investigation of Legal Decision-Making, Witness Evidence and Credibility Assessments in Asylum-Seeking Systems International Protection Appeals Tribunal 01 Oct 2023 30 Sep 2026
Achieving the Strategic Edge Through People 2040 BAE Systems (Operations) Limited 01 Sep 2016 31 Aug 2019