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Kimberley Wade, BSc PhD (Reader)

Kim Wade



Psychology, memory and the law (autobiographical memory; memory distortions; verifying memories; technology and memory; eyewitness testimony; “recovered” memories).

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Representative Publications:

  • Wade, K. A., Nash, R. A., & Garry, M. (2014). People consider reliability and cost when verifying their autobiographical memories. Acta Psychologica, 146, 28-34.
  • Wright, D., Wade, K. A., & Watson, D. (2013). Delay and Déjà Vu: Timing and Repetition Increase the Power of False Evidence. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 20, 812-818.
  • Wade, K. A., Garry, M., Nash, R. A., & Harper, D. (2010). Anchoring effects in the development of false childhood memories. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 17, 66-72.
  • Zarkadi, T., Wade, K. A., & Stewart, N. (2009). Creating fair lineups for suspects with distinctive features. Psychological Science, 20, 1448-1453.
  • Lindsay, D. S., Hagen, L., Read, J. D., Wade, K. A., & Garry, M. (2004). True photographs and false memories. Psychological Science, 15,149-154.
  • Wade, K. A., Garry, M., Read, J. D., & Lindsay, D. S. (2002). A picture is worth a thousand lies: Using False Photographs to Create False Childhood Memories. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 9, 597-603.

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Supervisor to:

Aleksandra Krogulska
Danni Norman
Harriet Rowthorn