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Marina Mendonca (Assistant Professor)

 Marina Goulart de Mendonca


Research interests:

My main areas of interest are in lifespan development, resilience, and well-being. I am particularly interested in understanding the long-term consequences after preterm birth and exploring the impact of life-course transitions on development and well-being in young and late adulthood.

Contact Details


Representative Publications:

  • Morgan, A.S., Mendonça, M., Thiele, N., David A.L. (2022). Management and outcomes of extreme preterm birth. BMJ. doi: 10.1136/bmj-2021-055924

  • Fonseca de Freitas, D., Mendonca, M., Dieter, W., Marturano, E., Fontaine, A. M., Coimbra, S. (2022): Resilience in the face of peer victimization and perceived discrimination: the role of individual and familial factors. Child Abuse and Neglect.

  • Ni, Y., Mendonça M., Baumann, N., Eves, R., Kajantie, E., Hovi, P., Tikanmäki M, Räikkönen K, Heinonen K, Indredavik MS, Evensen KI, Johnson S, Marlow N, Wolke D. (2021). Social Functioning in Adults Born Very Preterm: Individual Participant Meta-analysis. Pediatrics. doi: 10.1542/peds.2021-051986

  • Eves, R., Mendonça, M., Baumann,N., Ni, Y. Darlow, B., Horwood, J., Woodward, L., Doyle, L., Cheong, J., Anderson, P., Bartmann, P, Marlow, N., Johnson, S., Hovi, P., Kajantie. E., Nosarti, C., Indredavik, M., Evensen, K, Räikkönen, K., Heinonen, K., & Wolke, D. (2021). Intelligence of very preterm/very low birthweight individuals in adulthood and its antecedents: an IPD meta-analysis. JAMA Pediatrics

  • Liu, Y., Mendonça, M., Bartmann, P., & Wolke, D. (2021). Very Preterm Birth and Trajectories of Domain-Specific Self-Concept from Childhood into Adulthood. Development and Psychopathology. (IF: 3.85)

  • Mendonça M., Bilgin A, Wolke D. (2019). Association of Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight with Romantic Partnership, Sexual Intercourse, and Parenthood in Adulthood: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA Network Open 2: e196961-e61

  • Holdsworth, C., Mendonça, M., Frisher, M.; Shelton, N., Pikhart, H. & de Oliveira, C.(2015). Life course transitions, gender and drinking in later life. Ageing & Society, DOI: 10.1017/S0144686X15001178