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Marina Mendonca

 Marina Goulart de Mendonca


Research interests:

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher and project coordinator at the RECAP project (Research on European Children and Adults Born Preterm) which focuses on the health and well-being of individuals born very preterm (<32 weeks gestational age) or with very low birth (<1500 g). In this research project I am particularly interested on social (e.g. peer relationships, partnering, sexual activity), and wealth (e.g. level of education, employment), outcomes of adults born preterm outcomes, as well as identifying protective and resilience that promote preterms’ adjustment and well-being. Other research interests have been young people’s transitions to adulthood, parent-young adult child relationships, and alcohol consumption in later life.

RECAP preterm:

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Representative Publications:

  • Mendonca M, Bilgin A, Wolke D. (2019). Association of Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight With Romantic Partnership, Sexual Intercourse, and Parenthood in Adulthood: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA Network Open 2: e196961-e61

  • Bilgin A, Mendonca M, Wolke D. (2018). Preterm Birth/Low Birth Weight and Markers Reflective of Wealth in Adulthood: A Meta-analysis. Pediatrics*

  • Spiegler J, Mendonca M, Wolke D. (2019). Prospective Study of Physical Activity of Preterm Born Children from Age 5 to 14 Years. The Journal of Pediatrics 208: 66-73.e7

  • Spiegler J, Eves R, Mendonça M, Wolke D. (2019). Association of physical activity and cardiorespiratory function or BMI and body composition in preterm-born individuals: a systematic review. Acta Paediatr. 108: 1205-14

  • Holdsworth, C., Mendonça, M., Pikhart, H., Frisher, M., de Oliveira, C., Shelton, N. (2016). Is regular drinking in later life an indicator of good health? Evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. doi: 10.1136/jech-2015-206949.

  • Holdsworth, C., Mendonça, M., Frisher, M.; Shelton, N., Pikhart, H. & de Oliveira, C.(2015). Life course transitions, gender and drinking in later life. Ageing & Society, DOI: 10.1017/S0144686X15001178, Published online: 26 October 2015