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Michaela Gummerum (Associate Professor)

Michaela Gummerum


Outline of work:

Children, adolescents, morality, fairness, prosociality, emotions and emotion regulation, group decisions, risky decisions, friendship, cross-cultural psychology


Broadly speaking, I am interested in the development of decision-making, which I approach from an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and applied perspective. My research examines the social, cognitive, and emotional factors underlying decision-making in different domains (e.g., moral decisions, risky decisions) and cultures in children, adolescents, and adults and in individuals and groups. I also investigate how members from special populations (e.g., offenders, people with disabilities) make decisions and how we can support people making good decisions in online environments or concerning their health.

I am happy to consider supervising PhD and MSc research degrees in any of the above or related areas. Please email me at michaela dot gummerum at warwick dot ac dot uk for more information.

Co-Editor, British Journal of Developmental Psychology

British Psychological Society Developmental Section Committee

Visiting Professor, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy

Contact Details


Representative Publications:

  • Gummerum, M., & López-Pérez, B. (2020). “You shouldn’t feel that way!” Children’s and adolescents’ interpersonal emotion regulation of victims’ and violators’ feelings after social exclusion. Cognitive Development.
  • Gummerum, M., López-Pérez, B., Van Dijk, E., Van Dillen, L. F. (2020). When Punishment is Emotion-Driven: Children’s, Adolescents’ and Adults’ Costly Punishment of Unfair Allocations. Social Development, 29, 126-142.
  • Francis, K. B., Gummerum, M., Ganis, G., Howard, I. S., & Terbeck, S. (2019). Alcohol, empathy, and morality: Acute effects of alcohol consumption on affective empathy and moral decision-making. Psychopharmacology, 236, 3477-3496.
  • Ruggeri, A., Luan, S., Keller, M., & Gummerum, M. (2018). The influence of adult and peer models in children’s and adolescents’ sharing decisions. Child Development, 89, 1589-1598.
  • White, C., Gummerum, M., & Hanoch, Y. (2018). The framing of online risk: Differences in young adults’ and adolescents’ representations of risky online gambles. Decision, 119-128.
  • López-Pérez, B., Howells, L., & Gummerum, M. (2017). Cruel to be Kind: Factors Underlying Altruistic Interpersonal Affect Worsening. Psychological Science, 28, 862-871.
  • Gummerum, M., Van Dillen, L. F., Van Dijk, E., & López-Pérez, B. (2016). Costly Third-Party Interventions: The Role of Anger and Attention Focus in Punishment of the Perpetrator and Compensation of the Victim. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 65, 94-104.
  • Gummerum, M., & Chu, M. T. (2014). Outcomes and intentions in children’s, adolescents’ and adults’ second- and third-party punishment behaviour. Cognition, 133, 97-103.
  • Gummerum, M., Leman, P. J., & Hollins, T. S. (2014). How do children share information in groups? Developmental Psychology, 50, 2105-2114


A full list of publications can be found on Google Scholar

Follow me on twitter for research updates: @MGummerum

Supervisor to:
Pip Brown
Danyang Hu
Jokie Xu