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Maria Robinson (Assistant Professor)

Maria Robinson 


Research Interests:

Attention, memory, integrative theories of cognition, mathematical psychology, best practices in measurement and theory assessment

Personal webpage:
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Representative Publications:

  • Robinson, M. M., DeStefano, I., Vul, E., & Brady, T. F. (2023). Local but not global graph theoretic measures of semantic networks generalize across tasks. Behavior Research Methods.

  • Robinson, M. M., DeStefano, I., Vul, E., & Brady, T. F. (2023). How do people build up visual memory representations from sensory evidence? Revisiting two classic models of choice. Journal of Mathematical Psychology.

  • Robinson, M. M., & Brady, T. F. (2023). A quantitative model of ensemble perception as summed activation in feature space. Nature Human Behavior.

  • Robinson, M. M., & Steyvers, M. (2022). Linking computational models of two core tasks of cognitive control. Psychological Review.

  • Lively, Z., Robinson, M. M., & Benjamin, A. S. (2021). Memory strength reveals qualitative changes in interactions between items in visual working memory. Psychological Science.

  • Robinson, M. M., Benjamin, A. S., & Irwin, D. E. (2020). Is there a K in capacity? Evaluating the discrete-slot model of visual short-term memory. Cognitive Psychology.

  • Robinson, M. M., & Irwin, D. E. (2019). Are there two visual short-term memory stores? A state-trace analysis. Journal of Mathematical Psychology.

  • Regenwetter, M., & Robinson, M. M. (2017). The construct-behavior gap in behavioral decision research: A challenge beyond replicability. Psychological Review.