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Nicole Tang is a HPC registered Clinical and Health Psychologist and a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. She read Psychology in Hong Kong and obtained her doctoral degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford. Between 2004 and 2011, she was awarded 4 competitive fellowships to develop her research in world-leading pain research centres; the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London and the Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre at Keele University. Her research focuses on pain and insomnia. She is particularly interested in using her research to advance the scientific understanding and psychological treatments of these health problems. In 2012 (Oct), she joined Warwick to develop a Sleep and Pain Laboratory. Feel free to browse the lab website or use the links provided to find out more about her research publications, academic and clinical activities.

Research Grants, Tenders, and Fellowships

2021-2022 National Institute for Health Research - Health Technology Assessment - Research Grant (£150k)

"What is the evidence for interventions used to manage sleep disturbances in people with fibromyalgia? A comprehensive evidence synthesis to inform clinical practice and future research." Role: Co-Investigator (with Miriam Brazelli (PI), Gary Macfarlane, Abhishek Abhishek, Katie Gillies, Daniel Whibley, Lorna Aucott, Debra Dulake)

2020-2021 University of Warwick PVC (Research) COVID Research Programme - Research Grant (£47k)

"RECOVERS -Responding to COVID by Enhancing Resilience in Students" Role: PI (with Caroline Meyer, Sai Gu, Hannah Friend, Lukasz Walasek, Carla Toro)

2019-2022 Midlands Engine - Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (£6.2m)

"Improving Productivity via Enhancing Mental Health" Role: Work Package Lead of Mental Health Productivity Pilot (PIs: Caroline Meyer, Guy Daly, Sean Russell)

2019-2022 Medical Research Council - Research Grant (£572k)

"Explaining symptom severity, distress & disability in chronic pain: The role of mental defeat" Role: Principal Investigator
(Co-applicant: Swaran Singh; Clinical collaborator: Shyam Balasubramanian; Lay representatives: Heather Wallace and Paul Evans of Pain Concern)

2018-2021 Arthritis Research UK - Foundation Fellowship (£178k)

"Investigating the role of exercise and sleep in the management of chronic pain" Role: Sponsor (to Daniel Whibley) Other sponsors: Gary Macfarlane, Daniel Clauw)

2016-2019 National Institute for Health Research - Health Technology Assessment - Research Grant (£1.6m + £122k)

"Improving the wellbeing of people with Opioid treated chronic pain: I-WOTCH". Role: Co-applicant (with Harbinder Sandhu (PI), Ranjit Lall, Kate Seers, Martin Underwood, Kirstie Haywood, Claire Daffern, Natalie Strickland, Graham Hewitt)

2016-2017 University of Warwick - Research Development Fund - Strategic Award (£26k)

"Student Mental Health and Resilience in Transition". Role: Co-PI (with Dieter Wolke (Co-PI), Anu Realo, Adrian Von Muhlenen, Sakari Lemola of the Lifespan Health and Wellbeing Group)

2015-2016 University of Warwick - Impact Development Fund Award. (£14k)

"Developing a research clinical service for pain and sleep management at Psychology: An initial step". Role: Principal Investigator (Partner organisation: Rheumatology Clinic, UHCW)

2014-2017 National Institute for Health Research - Research for Patient Benefit - Research Grant (£250K + £15k).

"Primary Care Treatment of Pain-Related Insomnia: A Feasibility Study of a Hybrid Cognitive-Behavioural Approach". Role: Principal Investigator (Co-applicants: Martin Underwood, Harbinder Sandhu, Shilpa Patel, David Ellard, Jason Madan, Helen Parsons, Uma Sharma)

2014-2015 Dystonia Society - Research Grant (£20k)

"A Behavioural Intervention- Improving Living with Dystonia". Role: Co-applicant (PI: Harbinder Sandhu; Co-applicants David Ellard, Andrea Lindahl, Gail Davies, Anne Tingle, Mark Field)

2013 National Institute for Health Research - West Midlands Research Design Service - Patient and Public Involvement Bursary (£450).

Role: Principal Investigator

2012-2013 University of Warwick - Research Development Fund Award (£7k)

"Better Sleep, Better Health?" Role: Principal Investigator

2012-2015 Keele University - PhD Acorn Funding (Faculty of Primary Care and Health Sciences)

"Sleep and participation among older people with musculoskeletal pain: Impacts on outcomes and opportunities for interventions in primary care" Role: First supervisor (now collaborator)

2010-2013 Arthritis Research UK - Foundation Fellowship (£165k)

"Understanding and promoting physical activity and sleep in rheumatoid arthritis: Psychological characteristics, mechanisms and intervention" Role: Sponsor (to Claire Goodchild)

2009-2010 BackCare - Research Grant (£20k).

"The impact of pain-related rumination on pain report, pain tolerance, mood and cognitive flexibility in chronic back pain patients" Role: Principal Investigator

2009 King’s College London - HKU-KCL Partnership Award (£4k).

This funding supports staff from each of the universities to develop research collaboration. Role: Awardee

2008 King’s College London - Postdoctoral Partnership Visit Grant (£1.5k).

This funding enables King’s postdoctoral researchers to establish research links with KCL’s overseas partners. Role: Awardee

2007-2012 Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London - Department of Psychology Research Fellowship (5 year F/T position).

Role: Awardee

2007-2010 National Institute for Health Research - Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (£230k).

"Counteracting the effects of sleep disturbance in chronic pain" Role: Awardee

2004-2006 Croucher Foundation, Hong Kong - Postdoctoral Fellowship (£65k)

"Developing an evidence base for the cognitive-behavioural understanding of chronic pain" Role: Awardee

Academic Awards

2003 Elsie Ramos Memorial Student Research Award, Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

2002-2003 Overseas Scholarship, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford

2001-2002 Waterson Scholarship, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford

2001-2003 Overseas Research Student Award, Universities UK

2000-2001 Hong Kong Oxford Scholarship

2000-2001 Hong Kong University Worldwide Student Exchange Scholarship

1998-2000 Sir Man-Kam Lo/ Jardine Scholarship

1998-2000 The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

1997-2000 Chartered Memorial Scholarship

1997-1998 Dean’s Honour List, Social Sciences Faculty, University of Hong Kong