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Nicole Tang, D.Phil, C.Psychol (Associate Professor)

Nicole Tang



Clinical and health psychology, with a special focus on sleep and pain.

Sleep: perception of sleep, cognitive-behavioural mechanisms and treatment for primary and comorbid insomnia; sleep and anxiety disorders.

Pain: chronic pain, health anxiety, rumination, safety-seeking behaviour, mental defeat, suicidality, sleep disturbance in painful physical conditions (e.g., musculoskeletal pain, rheumatoid arthritis), physical activity and social participation; aging well with pain.

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Representative Publications:

  • Tang NKY & Sanborn, AN. 2014. Better quality sleep promotes daytime physical activity in patients with chronic pain? A multilevel analysis of the within-person relationship. .PLoS ONE 9(3): e92158. [doi]

  • Tang NKY, McBeth J, Jordan K, Blagojevic-Bucknall, M, Croft P, & Wilkie, R. 2014. Impact of musculoskeletal pain on insomnia onset: a prospective cohort study. RHEUMATOLOGY. [doi]

  • Tang NKY, Goodchild CE, Salkovskis PM. 2012. Hybrid cognitive-behaviour therapy for individuals with insomnia and chronic pain: A pilot randomised controlled trial. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 50 (12), 814-821. [doi]
  • Tang NKY, Goodchild CE, Sanborn AN, Howard J, Salkovskis PM. 2012. Deciphering the temporal link between sleep and pain in a heterogeneous chronic pain patient sample: A multilevel daily process study. Sleep, vol. 5(35), 675-687. [doi]
  • Harvey AG and Tang NKY. 2012. (Mis)perception of Sleep in Insomnia: A Puzzle and a Resolution. Psychological Bulletin, vol. 138(1), 77-101. [doi]
  • Tang NKY, Goodchild CE, Hester J, Salkovskis PM. 2010. Mental defeat is linked to interference, distress and disability in chronic pain. Pain, vol. 149(3), 547-554. [doi]
  • Tang NKY, Salkovskis PM, Hodges A, Weight KJ, Hanna M, Hester J. 2008. Effects of mood on pain responses and pain tolerance: An experimental study in chronic back pain patients. Pain, vol. 138(2), 392-401. [doi]
  • Tang NKY and Harvey AG. 2006. Altering misperception of sleep in insomnia: Behavioral experiment versus verbal feedback. Journal of Consulting and clinical Psychology, vol. 74(4), 767-776. [doi]

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Supervisor to: 
Victoria Collard