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Robin Goodwin (Professor)


Recent representative publications:


  • Hou WK., Lee, TMC., Lee, LL., Wai, T., Liu, H., Tong, H., Ben-Ezra, M., & Goodwin, R. (Accepted). Psychiatric symptoms and behavioral adjustment during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from two population-representative cohorts. Translational Psychiatry. Here
  • Ben-Ezra, Hou, W.K., & Goodwin, R. (accepted). COVID-19 related stressful events as associated with Distress and ICD-11 adjustment disorder: Two cross-sectional studies. British Journal of Psychiatry (Open)
  • Li, TW., Lee, TM-C., Goodwin, R., Ben-Ezra, M., Liang, L., Liu, H., Hou, WK. (2020). Social capital, psychobehavioral responses, and income loss amid COVID-19: A population-based analysis. Here
  • Goodwin, R., Hou, W.K., Sun, S., & Ben-Ezra, M. (2020). Psychological and behavioural responses to covid-19: A China-Britain comparison. BMJ Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Here
  • Goodwin, R., Wiwattanapantuwong, J., Tuicomepee, A., Suttiwan, P., & Watakakosol, R. (2020). Anxiety and public responses to covid-19: Early data from Thailand. Journal of Psychiatric Research. Here
  • Goodwin, R., Hou, W.K., Sun, S., & Ben-Ezra, M. (2020). Quarantine, distress and interpersonal relationships during COVID-19. BMJ General Psychiatry Here.
  • Ben-Ezra, M., Hou, W.K., Sun, S., & Goodwin, R. (2020). The association of being in quarantine and related COVID-19 recommended and non-recommended behaviors with psychological distress in Chinese population. Journal of Affective Disorders. Here
  • Ben-Azra, M., Cary, N., & Goodwin, R (2020). The association between COVID-19 WHO non-recommended behaviors with psychological distress in the UK population: A preliminary study. Journal of Psychiatric Research. Here

  • Hou, W. K., Lai, F. T. T., Ben-Ezra, M., & Goodwin, R. (2020). Regularizing daily routines for mental health during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Global Health. Here

Other papers

  • Goodwin, R., Sugiyama, K., Sun, S., Takahashi, T., & Aida, J. (2020).Trajectories of distress following the Great East Japan Earthquake: a multi-wave prospective study. Clinical Psychological Science. Here
  • Liew, T., Goodwin, R., & Walasek, L. (2020). Voting patterns, revoking Article 50 and antidepressant trends in England following the Brexit referendum. Social Science and Medicine. Here
  • Goodwin, R., Sugiyama, K., Sun, S., Jun, A., & Ben-Ezra, M. (2019). Distress six years after the Great Earthquake: Two, Multi-Level Prospective Analyses. British Journal of Psychiatry. Here
  • Goodwin, R., Lemola, S., & Ben-Ezra, M. (2018). Media use and insomnia after terror attacks in France. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 98, 47-50. Here
  • Goodwin, R., Kaniasty K., Sun, S., & Ben-Ezra, M. (2017). Psychological distress and prejudice following terror attacks in France. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 91, 111-115. Here

  • Goodwin, R., Leshem, E., & Ben-Ezra, M. (2016) Psychological distress, interpersonal closeness and discrimination following the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics, 85, 190-191.Here

  • Goodwin, R., Palgi, Y., Lavanda, O., Hamama-Raz, Y., & Ben-Ezra. M. (2015). Association between Media Use, Acute Stress Disorder and Psychological Distress. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. 84, 253-254. doi:10.1159/000377706. Here
  • Goodwin, R., Takahashi, M., Sun, S., & Ben-Ezra, M. (2015). Psychological distress amongst tsunami refugees from the Great East Japan Earthquake. British Journal of Psychiatry (Open). 1 (1) 92-97. Here

  • Ben-Ezra, M., Leshem, E., and Goodwin, R. (2015). In the Wake of National Trauma: Psychological Reactions Following the Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack. American Journal of Psychiatry, 172 (8), 795-96. Here

  • Ben-Ezra M., Shigemura J., Palgi Y., Hamama-Raz Y., Lavenda O., Suzuki M, Goodwin, R (2015). From Hiroshima to Fukushima: PTSD symptoms and radiation stigma across regions in Japan. Journal of Psychiatric Research. Here
  • Bardi, A., Buchanan, KE., Goodwin, R., Slabu, L. and Robinson, M. (2014). Value stability and change during self-chosen life transitions: Self-selection versus socialization effects. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 106 (1): 131- 147.Here
  • Goodwin, R. and Sun, S. (2014) Early responses to H7N9 in southern mainland China. BMC Infectious Diseases 148. Here
  • Goodwin, R., Palgi, Y., Hamama-Raz, Y. and Ben-Ezra, M. (2013). In the eye of the storm or the bullseye of the media: Social media use during Hurricane Sandy as a predictor of post-traumatic stress. Journal of Psychiatric Research 47 (8) 1099- 1100. Here
  • Goodwin, R. and Sun, S. (2013). Public perceptions and reactions to H7N9 in Mainland China. Journal of Infection 67 (5): 458- 462. Here

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