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Participant Sign-Up for Warwick Research with Kids Group

If you sign up to the Wa.R.Ks Group database by submitting the below form, a member of the Wa.R.Ks Group might get in touch with you when an age-appropriate study comes up for your child(ren). You can decide whether or not to take part in the study at that point, without giving a reason. If you would like Wa.R.Ks Group to remove their record of you from their database, please contact Wa.R.Ks Group directly on 07823 524617 or at You can decide to request the removal of your record at any point, without giving a reason. Of course, we hope that you stay signed up with us for a long time, so we would like to ask if you could add our email address to your known email addresses so that you don't miss any of our email invitations! Please take care in filling in the below form as accurately as possible so that we can create a complete record of your family. Thank you very much for signing up!

Place of Initial Contact

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Child Information
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If you have added the information of all your children / family members, then please scroll down to the Language Information section.
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Privacy notice

The University of Warwick will process your personal data and that of your child(ren), being the details submitted within the sign up form on the previous page, for the purpose of sending you open invitations for developmental studies from the Warwick Research with Kids Group in which your family can take part. The legal basis for processing this personal data is consent. Where we rely on your consent to process your personal data you have the right to withdraw consent at any time and without giving a reason by contacting us via email at Your personal data will not be shared or disclosed to any third parties external to the University of Warwick except members of the Wa.R.Ks Group who will process your personal data for the purpose of research. Your personal data will not be transferred outside of the EEA, will be kept securely by the University of Warwick and will be retained for a maximum period of 16 years. When your child(ren) reach(es) the age of 16 years, they will no longer be eligible for research studies of the Wa.R.Ks Group and their data will be removed. You may exercise rights in respect of your personal data. These are the right of access to it, to rectify inaccurate information, to restrict processing or erase personal data, to object to our processing of it and to transfer it to another controller. If you wish to exercise a right please contact If you are concerned about the way we have processed your personal data please let us know and we will investigate those concerns. You may also contact our Data Protection Officer at If, after we have investigated, you are still concerned you may contact the data protection regulator. They can be contacted via

The University of Warwick is the Data Controller of any information you have entered on this form and is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in line with Data Protection Legislation. The University's Data Protection webpages provide further information on your rights and how the University processes personal data. If you wish to submit a data subjects rights request, make a complaint or report a suspected personal data breach, please contact the University’s Data Protection Officer by email at

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