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Communication Development Lab

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Our research focus is the development of communication. We study children from birth up to the age of 16 to explore how humans acquire the skill to communicate across their lifetime. Our primary focus is how children learn language and gesture. We also study adults on occasion, either to use as a comparison point or to see how the communication development continues into adulthood.

In our typical studies, we present children with speech sounds, non-speech sounds, images and videos, and record their responses (which can include but is not limited to: looking, reaching, or pointing). We examine both what children perceive and what they produce. We hope that our research lays foundations for novel ways to diagnose and help children with language delay or communication difficulty in the future.

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Warwick Research with Kids Group

Did you know that other researchers at the University of Warwick carry out studies with young children? For example, the Language Development Lab also carries out research that your family may be able to participate in. See their website for more information.

These labs are part of the Warwick Research with Kids (Wa.R.Ks) Group - a team of researchers with interests in developmental psychology who have pooled their resources together to create the Wa.R.Ks group. Our team have obtained approval from the University’s Ethical Committee and all of our team members have cleared an enhanced DBS check.