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PhD Fellowship in the Department of Psychology - Dr Kirsty Lee

PhD Fellowship in the Department of Psychology at the University of Warwick

Supervisor: Dr Kirsty Lee (Lifespan Health and Wellbeing Group)

Project: A Typology of Violence

Violence in interpersonal relationships is the second leading cause of death and disability for young people and has widespread costs for society. The aim of this project is to broaden our understanding of how different forms of aggressive and violent behaviour (e.g., bullying, sexual harassment, dating violence, intimate image abuse) emerge and coexist. Example research questions include: What are the overlapping and distinctive features among different forms of violence? Can we develop and a novel theory of their co-occurrence? How different are online risks from offline risks? How do risk (and protective) factors cumulate? By what mechanisms does violence exposure lead to adverse outcomes? The methodological approach of the research will primarily be quantitative.

Requirements: We seek a highly motivated student with strong interest in quantitative research. Experience with epidemiological and longitudinal research methods, advanced statistical methods, systematic reviews and meta-analysis are desirable. Applicants should, as a minimum, have an Upper Second Class undergraduate degree, but preferably a First Class undergraduate degree or a Master’s distinction in Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, Health Science, Epidemiology, or a related field. To apply, include your CV and a short document (2 pages maximum) detailing why you are a suitable candidate, your research and other relevant experience, and the research questions you are interested in pursuing.

Applicants without an existing PhD application with us should apply online through the Graduate School online form:

Applicants who already have an existing PhD application with us should instead complete the online form:

If you have any questions related to this PhD project or would like more details, please contact Dr Kirsty Lee at Kirsty dot S dot Lee at warwick dot ac dot uk. For more information on research and publications, visit:

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