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Frequently Asked Questions

My watch hasn’t arrived yet but you’ve emailed me to say it has been sent, what happens now?

All our watches are posted out on a Monday (unless otherwise specified) from the University of Warwick via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Usually, this means your parcel should arrive the following day by 5pm, but please note that this is not always guaranteed*. If your parcel is delayed, it will most likely only be by one day. Please get in touch with our team to let us know that your parcel has not arrived on time and we will be able to advise further. This will normally involve simply pushing back your start date by a day or two but we will assess each situation on a case-by-case process and provide the best solution for you.

*Royal Mail & Parcel Force are currently still impacted by the ongoing effects of COVID-19 and so there may be instances where delays occur, but everyone is working hard to ensure things run smoothly as much as possible.

I signed up to SurveySignals as part of the study instructions but have not received my confirmation text, what should I do?

First, try signing up again. Sometimes this will resolve the issue and you will then receive your confirmation text.

If you still don’t get a confirmation text, please get in touch with a member of our team immediately by email. We have noticed a few participants do not always receive the confirmation text, in which case we can manually remove your previous sign-ups and ask you to try again which will usually fix the issue.

The link in one of my daily text messages isn’t working, what should I do?

Please use the back-up links provided in your welcome email from our team if one of the links in the text messages does not work.

How long do I have to complete each daily survey/sleep diary?

We personalise your schedule according to your usual sleep pattern so the exact times will vary person-to-person, however each sleep diary will be open for you to complete for 23-hours and each daily survey will be open for 2.5 hours. Please try as much as possible to answer within these time frames!

I sleep multiple times a day/night (e.g. to nap), what shall I do to record this?

If you are able to, please press the event marker every time you are about to sleep and every time you get up after waking – even if it is for a short nap! This will help us be able to better interpret your sleep tracking data. We also encourage participants to write details at the end of their daily sleep diary, should you feel able to do so e.g. “I went to sleep at 4pm for a 30 minute nap but was awoken abruptly by noise and couldn’t sleep after that”.

I had an unusual night’s sleep, how can I tell you about this?

The final question in every sleep diary is space for you to enter extra details about your sleep period. Use the box provided to record extra details about your day or specific circumstances that you feel might have impacted your sleep.

I’m not sure if the event marker registered me pressing it, what should I do?

The status indicator on the watch should blink red if it has registered an event. If in doubt, press the event marker again – we can still do our analyses even if there are multiple presses in quick succession, as a general rule we will take the last press as an indication of the time you got up/went to sleep but we also use your sleep diary to help with calculations.

Is the watch shower-proof?

Yes. The watch can be submerged in light water e.g. when showering, washing up etc. so does not need to be removed for such activities. However, we politely request you remove the watch if you go swimming.

Does the watch need charging?

No. The watch uses a normal battery that is replaced before each tracking period so it does not need to be charged.

How does the watch get back to you so you can analyse my sleep-data?

Before your last day of tracking, you will receive an email from a member of our team with your collection details. All the watches are picked up via the Parcel Force courier service on your last day of tracking (Day 9) between 9am and 5pm – this is usually a Wednesday or Thursday unless otherwise specified by our team. Simply package the watch as instructed in our video and hand over the sealed envelope to your Parcel Force driver. The driver will have the label ready for you so there is no need to print anything beforehand.

When will you collect the watch?

All the watches are collected via the Parcel Force courier service on your last day of tracking (Day 9) between 9am and 5pm* – this is usually on a Wednesday or Thursday. We will ask you during your initial phone call with us about collection preferences but please note we cannot accommodate all requests. Someone must be available to hand the parcel to the courier driver on collection day, please do not leave it on your doorstep or outside.

*During busy times, Parcel Force cannot always guarantee that the parcel will be collected within this delivery window (Mon-Fri).

I’ve had my watch collected after my tracking period, what happens now?

Your watch will arrive back to us at the Warwick Sleep and Pain lab, usually within a few days of collection. Please note we cannot guarantee exact delivery times as our postage system operates external to the University of Warwick*. We are currently unable to confirm when your watch has arrived back to the University of Warwick exactly, so you will not get a notification telling you it has been delivered. Please be assured though we have full tracking information for each parcel and will be able to inform you if there are any issues that may be relevant to you.

*Royal Mail & Parcel Force are currently still impacted by the ongoing effects of COVID-19 and so there may be instances where delays occur, but everyone is working hard to ensure things run smoothly as much as possible.

 When do I get my sleep-tracking breakdown & voucher?

Please allow at least 2-weeks (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays) from the day your watch is collected for us to send your sleep-tracking breakdown and Amazon voucher via email. We can only process your watch once it arrives back to us at the lab* and we are currently working at reduced capacity on campus due to COVID-19. We will create your personalised sleep-tracking breakdown after the watch has been processed and will send you this along with your voucher as soon as it is ready.

Note: if there are delays in your watch arriving back to us (e.g. postage issues) this will impact the timings of us getting your breakdown/voucher to you. To speed things up, please make sure you tell our team as early as possible if your circumstances change and you are no longer able to have your watch collected on the specified date so we can rearrange, thank you.

*During busy times, parcel force cannot always guarantee that the parcel will be delivered within the originally specified delivery window (24-48 hrs Mon-Fri). Please be patient with our team if you experience any delays and we will try as much as possible to ensure minimal inconvenience.