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Study Overview

The WITHIN study comprises of 3 parts which have different eligibility criteria (all UK-only):

Part 1 - A lab-based study at the Warwick Sleep & Pain Lab lasting approximately 2-3 hours duration wherein participants complete a series of experimental pain measures (currently on hold due to COVID-19).

Part 2 - A longitudinal sleep-tracking survey where participants wear an ActiWatch to track sleep/activity levels and complete daily sleep and pain surveys. Alongside this there is a longitudinal questionnaire to be administered online (currently on hold due to COVID-19).

Part 3 - A longitudinal questionnaire which forms part of the sleep-tracking survey, is open to all adults aged 18-65 in the UK who have a diagnosed chronic pain condition. This means even if you do not meet the eligibility criteria for Part 1 or Part 2, you will most likely be able to complete the questionnaire. Recruiting participants now!

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