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Visiting, Exchange or ERASMUS students

For students in the Psychology Department Your personal tutor in Psychology will be Dr. Olga Feher ( who you can find in room H125.

In the first week of term you should visit the Psychology Programmes Office, H143. This just lets us know that you have arrived safely, and means you can bring any questions you might have.

All visiting students need to get permission from module convenors before registering for modules, as depending on your prior knowledge, sometimes there may be extra reading that you will be recommended, or more challenging areas of the module to highlight.

Once you have confirmation from the module convener, please complete the form at to indicate your modules to us. You will also need to register these on the Unviersity registration system. Please note, that we need the online form to be completed so that the department is aware of your choices and can contact you about these.

If you are not going to be at Warwick for the examination period in June/July (summer term), it is very important that you let us know so alternative assessments can be arranged for you. Please indicate the terms that you will be attending Warwick using the tick box on the online form. Once we have your completed registration form, we will notify you of all the details of the work for those who are here for part year as soon as possible.

Module approval process
  1. Check with the module convener; Speak to the module convener and ensure they are happy for you to join it.
  2. Complete the online form to submit your request to the department. We will contact you if there is a problem with your request
  3. Register your choices on myWarwick
  4. Check that you have selected the appropriate assessment type (VA for part year, usual (e.g.A,B,C,D) for full year)

Please consult timetables carefully to ensure that there are no clashes.

Below you can find details of the modules available to you as a visiting/exchange student:


There are three first-year Psychology modules available to visiting students

All exchange and erasmus students take the 24 CAT modules, and all run through both terms one and two, with exams and revision classes in term 3. If you are not at Warwick for the whole academic year, you will not be able to take these modules.


There are six second year modules available to visiting/exchange students, all of these are 15 CAT, or ‘half’ modules and run throughout weeks 1-10 of the autumn (term 1) or spring (term 2) term, with an exam in the summer term.



There are 14 third year modules available to visiting/exchange students, all of which are 15 CAT, or ‘half’ modules and run throughout weeks 1-10 of the autumn (term 1) or spring (term 2) term, with an exam in the summer term. Third Year modules are very specialised and visiting/exchange students should arrange to meet with all module convenors in the first or two week of term for advice on any prior knowledge or extra reading which may be required.
PS343 Health Psychology
PS346 Perspectives in Clinical and Counselling Psychology
PS348 Issues in family & Development
PS349 Psychology of Ageing
PS350 Body Perception: Neurons to Experience
PS351 Psychology and the law
PS353 Developmental Psychopathology
PS358 Theory & Research on Emotion
PS359 Behaviour Change
PS360 NonVerbal Behaviour
PS361 Words & Reading
PS362 Sleep & Health
PS371 Animal Behaviour
PS372 Intellectual Disabilities & Sensory Impairments

Remember to check your timetables to make sure the modules you would like to take don’t clash with any of your other choices.

Please note you will need to be registered for the module, via the University's online registration system, before you can access the module resources.