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Programme 2017-2018

APTS runs the same eight taught-course modules each year (subject always to review, of course). They are delivered in four "APTS weeks", with two modules in each week. A list of APTS Prerequisites is available. Information about the structure and content of APTS modules can be found at the module links above.

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APTS Calendar

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Mon, Dec 11, '17
APTS 2017/18 Week 1--Cambridge

Runs from Monday, December 11 to Friday, December 15.

Mon, Apr 16, '18
APTS 2017/18 Week 2--Nottingham

Runs from Monday, April 16 to Friday, April 20.

Statistical Modelling (A Overstall)

Applied Stochastic Processes (D Croydon and A Turner)

Mon, Jul 9, '18
APTS 2017/18 Week 3--Southampton

Runs from Monday, July 09 to Friday, July 13.

[with apologies to anyone from Northern Ireland for whom this clashes with a public holiday]

High Dimensional Statistics (R Shah)

Computer Intensive Statistics (P Jenkins and A Johansen)

Mon, Aug 20, '18
APTS 2017/18 Week 4--Glasgow

Runs from Monday, August 20 to Friday, August 24.

Design of Experiments and Studies (D Woods)

Flexible Regression (C Miller and T Neocleous)

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