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Registration for APTS

Student registration for APTS academic year 2018-19 opens on Friday 21st September 2018, and closes on Friday 26th October 2018. Registration applications made after that date will be kept in a priority-ordered reserve list, in case of any cancellations.

Students can only be registered for APTS weeks by their "sending institution" (i.e., their home department): a list of these institutions appears below.

  • If your department wishes to register as a sending institution, then please click here;
  • If your department wishes to commit to being a full Member Institution of APTS, then please click here.
    (All Member Institutions are automatically "sending institutions".)

If your department is included in the list below, the APTS contact (who must be a member of academic staff employed by that institution) will be provided with a password enabling him/her to complete the student registration form for 2018-19 APTS weeks. (The student registration form also gives full information on cost.)

The principles and practicalities of student registration and payments include:

  • date of application within the registration period is unimportant --- it is not used in determining the allocation of APTS places to students (see the APTS Constitution PDF file for the list of priorities)
  • sending institutions are invoiced by APTS for the registration fee, and for accommodation/meal costs, of their students who are allocated APTS places
  • in the case of a student taking all four APTS weeks in the same academic year a 20% rebate of registration fees (20% of 4 x £160) is made
  • all financial transactions with individual APTS students, including those relating to travel expenses, are handled by the sending institution

Please see the FAQ, the Billing and Cancellation policy, and the Privacy notice for more specific information, and the list of prerequisites if you are in any doubt as to whether APTS would be suitable for a particular student.

List of sending institutions

APTS contact

Aston University: Mathematics Group David Saad
Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland Glenn Marion
Birkbeck University of London: Department of Economics Mathematics and Statistics Rosalba Radice
Brunel University: Department of Mathematics Silvia Liverani
Canterbury Christ Church University: The Business School Prodromos Tsinaslanidis
Cardiff University: School of Mathematics Anatoly Zhigljavsky
Durham University: Dept of Mathematical Sciences Jochen Einbeck
Government Communications HQ Jeremy Bradley
European Molecular Biology Laboratory: European Bioinformatics Institute Nick Goldman
Francis Crick Institute Sally Leevers
Heriot-Watt University: Dept of Actuarial Maths and Statistics George Streftaris
Imperial College London: Business School Walter Distaso
Keele University: School of Computing and Mathematics Jie Cheng
King's College London:Department of Biostatistics at the Institute of Psychiatry Sabine Landau
Lancaster University: Dept of Management Science Nikos Kourentzes
Lancaster University: Dept of Maths and Statistics Azadeh Khaleghi
Lancaster University: School of Health and Medicine Benjamin Taylor
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Ruth Keogh
Loughborough University: Department of Mathematics and Statistics Eugenie Hunsicker
Loughborough University: School of Business and Economics Nikolaos Argyris
Maynooth University: Department of Mathematics and Statistics Caroline Brophy
Newcastle University: Dept of Mathematics and Statistics Colin Gillespie
Northumbria University: Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences Pete Philipson
Nottingham Trent University: Department of Mathematics and Statistics Golnaz Shahtahmassebi
NUI Galway: Dept of Mathematics John Newell
Open University: Dept of Mathematics and Statistics Paul Garthwaite
Plymouth University: Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry Julian Stander
Plymouth University: School of Computing and Mathematics Julian Stander
Trinity College Dublin: Statistics Group Simon Wilson
Umeå University: Department of Statistics Dr Magnus Ekström
University College Cork: Statistics Department Michael Cronin
University College Dublin: Statistics Group Brendan Murphy
University College London: Dept of Infection and Population Health Andrew Copas
University College London: Dept of Statistical Science Paul Northrop
University College London: Institute of Child Health Mario Cortina-Borja
University of Bath: Dept of Mathematical Sciences Simon Shaw
University of Birmingham: School of Mathematics Biman Chakraborty
University of Bristol: Dept of Mathematics-Statistics Group Jonty Rougier
University of Bristol: Dept of Social Medicine Chris Metcalfe
University of Bristol: School of Earth Sciences Katherine Cashman
University of Cambridge: Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit Stephen Burgess
University of Cambridge: CRI John Marioni
University of Cambridge: MRC Biostatistics Unit Lorenz Wernisch
University of Cambridge: MRC Human Nutrition Research Ivonne Solis-Trapala
University of Cambridge: Statistical Laboratory Sergio Bacallado
University of Cape Town: Department of Statistical Sciences Freedom Gumedze
University of Cologne: Cologne Graduate School Dagmar Weiler
University of East Anglia: School of Computer Science Elena Kulinskaya
University of Edinburgh: Centre for Population Health Sciences Chris Weir
University of Edinburgh: MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine Catalina Vallejos
University of Edinburgh: Roslin Institute Mark Bronsvoort
University of Edinburgh: School of Mathematics Finn Lindgren
University of Essex: Department of Mathematical Sciences Berthold Lausen
University of Exeter: College of Eng Maths and Phys Sci Chris Ferro
University of Glasgow: Statistics Duncan Lee
University of Iceland: Dept of Mathematics Gunnar Stefansson
University of Kent: IMSAS Jian Zhang
University of Leeds: Dept of Statistics Jan Palczewski
University of Leeds: Institute of Clinical Trials Research Deborah Stocken
University of Limerick: Dept of Mathematics and Statistics Peg Hanrahan
University of Liverpool: Department of Biostatistics Ruwanthi Kolamunnage-Donna
University of Liverpool: Department of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine Trevor Cox
University of Liverpool: Dept of Mathematical Sciences Kamila Zychaluk
University of Manchester: School of Mathematics Peter Foster
University of Nottingham: Nottingham Geospatial Institute Jeremy Morley
University of Nottingham: School of Mathematical Sciences Iker Perez
University of Oxford: Clinical Research Unit Vietnam Marcel Wolbers
University of Oxford: Dept of Earth Sciences Erin Saupe
University of Oxford: Dept of Statistics Geoff Nicholls
University of Oxford: Nuffield Department of Population Health Thomas Nichols
University of Oxford: Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics Julian Knight
University of Reading: Department of Mathematics and Statistics Fazil Baksh
University of Salford: Centre for OR and Applied Statistics Phil Scarf
University of Sheffield: Dept of Probability and Statistics Richard Wilkinson
University of Sheffield: School of Health and Related Research Stephen Walters
University of Southampton: Department of Ocean and Earth Science Ivan Haigh
University of Southampton: School of Mathematics Antony Overstall
University of Southampton: School of Social Sciences Peter Smith
University of St Andrews: School of Maths and Statistics Len Thomas
University of Strathclyde: Department of Mathematics and Statistics David Greenhalgh
University of Surrey: Dept of Mathematics Janet Godolphin
University of Warwick: Dept of Statistics Wilfrid Kendall
University of Warwick: MAS CDT/MOAC DTC Mark Barrow
University of Warwick: MASDOC DTC Andreas Dedner
University of Warwick: Medical School Nigel Stallard
University of Warwick: Systems Biology DTC Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston
University of Wolverhampton: Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group Paul Wilson
University of York: Centre for Reviews and Dissemination Mark Simmonds
University of York: Department of Mathematics Stephen Connor


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