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Register as a Member Institution or Underwriting Institution

Member Institutions must register prior to the opening of registration for a particular academic year in order to benefit from their status in respect of student prioritization in the event that weeks are oversubscribed.

Please see the APTS Constitution PDF file and the FAQ for information on the benefits and conditions of Member Institution and/or Underwriting Institution status.

Member Institution registration

To register a department (or perhaps a group of departments at the same university) as a Member Institution, all that is needed is an email to admin at apts dot ac dot uk from either the Head of Department, Head of Statistics Group, or Statistics Postgraduate Tutor, as appropriate. The email should contain:

  • acknowledgement of the expectations of Member Institutions as set out in the APTS Constitution document;
  • the name and contact details of an academic "APTS Contact" person for the Member Institution;

Underwriting Institution registration

Any Member Institution can choose also to be an Underwriting Institution (UI). The additional requirements are:

  • commitment to pay the UI subscription promptly when invoiced by APTS at the start of the academic year;
  • commitment in principle to provide a representative to serve on the APTS Executive Committee (EC), and to participate fully in the business of the EC, subject to the outcome of an election held whenever an EC seat becomes vacant.

The subscription is currently £2000 per Underwriting Institution.

If you wish to register as an Underwriting Institution, please affirm the two additional commitments at the same time as you register or re-register a Member Institution.


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Applications to send students to APTS weeks are welcomed also from departments which are not Member Institutions of APTS: details of the procedure can be found here. In the event of over-subscription, the stated priorities in the APTS Constitution PDF file will apply.