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ST218 Module Marks - January 2021

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Marks released for January examinations are always provisional until after the examination boards in the summer. You might find it useful to know that the marks shown here have been considered for scaling by the scaling committee with information available from the module leader, external examiner and student feedback. However, a final determination cannot be undertaken until after the summer exams when the marks for this module can be compared with that of other modules taken by your cohort. Although the mark may change due to reconsideration of scaling, your mark will not be reduced from that shown here.

You should discuss your mark with your personal tutor in your next scheduled session with them (weeks 9 and 10). If you have particular concerns about your mark you should try to meet your personal tutor as soon as possible.

Reassessments usually take place in the first week of September. If you have not passed the module you may, or may not, be offered a reassessment depending on mitigating circumstances and whether you have met progression requirements. The Summer examination board will make decisions about progression and reassessments.

Please note that resit examinations are capped at a maximum possible mark of 40%. Marks for further first attempt (FFA) examinations are uncapped.

Only students with mitigating circumstances relating to technical issues will currently have information about whether a reassessment opportunity will be offered. If you had technical issues or other mitigating circumstances and have not yet submitted these to the mitigating circumstances portal in Tabula then you should do immediately.

If you have any queries you may, as always, contact the Statistics Support Office at