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Warwick Statistics is one of the world's largest concentrations of researchers in statistics and probability, and the synergy between probabilistic and statistical research is particularly strong. The research environment is vibrant, with a large and active community of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, excellent library, computing and other research support facilities, and sustained programmes of research seminars, workshops and international visitors. There are strong research links with other disciplines both at Warwick and externally.

Recent projects and publications

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World-leading research

paw-99-t.pngProbability at Warwick:

a focus for inter-departmental probability research at Warwick and for the organisation of externally open research workshops and training events in probability.

sfaw-117-t.pngStochastic Finance at Warwick:

draws together a variety of finance-related research and associated activities at Warwick.

ATI: The Alan Turing Institute

WDSI: Warwick Data Science Institute

CRiSM: Centre for Research in Statistical Methodology

CAMaCS: Centre for Applications of Mathematical and Computing Sciences

PG Research

There are many possibilities for research towards a PhD at Warwick Statistics.