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YRM Week 5 - Edward Wang on Callable convertible bonds under liquidity constraints and hybrid priorities

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Title: Callable convertible bonds under liquidity constraints and hybrid priorities 


We investigate the callable convertible bond problem in the presence of a liquidity constraint modeled by Poisson signals, where neither the bondholder nor the firm has priority when they stop the game simultaneously. Instead, a proportion of the bond is converted to the firm's stock and the rest is called by the firm. The paper thus generalizes the special case studied in [Liang and Sun, 2019] where the bondholder has priority, and presents a complete solution to the callable convertible bond problem. The callable convertible bond is an example of a Dynkin game but falls outside the standard paradigm since the payoffs do not depend in an ordered way upon which agent stops the game. We show how to deal with this non-ordered situation by introducing a new technique which may of interest in its own right, and then apply it to the bond problem.

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