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Pie Day Pie Competition

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Location: Statistics Common Room (MSB)

To celebrate this coming Pi Day (14th of March) we will be hosting a pie competition in the first floor common room from 3pm to 5pm (starting two hours after the end of term gathering organised by Nick).

In a similar vein to the international lunch held last term, we invite you to bake your best pie, be it sweet or savoury, and people will vote on the best pie. For the purpose of this event, tarts will be considered pies who have lost their top covering, but pies all the same.

Paper plates will be provided, but you are advised to bring your own cutlery and tupperware to reheat the pie in the microwave. After people have pondered over the available pies, we will then vote to see who will be crowned the departmental “pie minister”.

 If you are NOT baking:

  1. Please bring your own cutlery to eat with, and your own tupperware to heat portions of pie in the microwave.
  2. You will be given one voting paper. The vote must be secret.

If you are baking:

1. Any sweet or savoury pie or tart is permitted. We will also welcome other baked goods such as cookies or brownies. However, the title of “pie minister” will be reserved for a pie or tart dish.

2. You MUST disclose all the ingredients used, to be written on paper displayed with the pie. This is, of course, for those with allergies, so make sure to complete it fully.

3. You MUST cut the dish into serving portions using the cutlery provided, this is to avoid cross contamination.

4. You will be assigned a number so people can vote for you by writing down your number on the voting paper.

5. You will be given two voting papers.

6. Votes are secret but you are expected to not vote for yourself.

7. You are expected to make the pie yourself.

8. The most voted pie wins. In case of parity, the winner will be chosen by a vote purely on the quality of the pastry, and then a coin toss in the event of a further draw. The winner will be awarded the distinguished title of Pie Minister of the Department.

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