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Internship Scheme

The Warwick Statistics Internship Scheme is an 8 week programme taking place in July and August. Successful applicants will be allocated a research project and supervisor, and have the opportunity to work on cutting edge research in statistics, probability, or mathematical finance. You will have the chance to collaborate with staff (and potentially PhD students as well) in the department, be part of a global cohort of fellow interns, and gain first hand experience of what a PhD in the department might entail.

Accommodation and support

You will receive a stipend of £350 per week to cover accommodation and living expenses. We are not able to provide accommodation, but will be happy to point you to resources for short-term rental options in the local area. We will also cover reasonable travel expenses, respectively to and from Warwick campus at the start and end of the internship, up to a maximum of £200 per intern.

Example projects

See here for a list of example projects and supervisors. Note that applications are for the internship scheme in general and not to a specific project. To give you a chance to speak to prospective supervisors before committing to a project, allocation of supervisors and projects to interns will take place after an induction event in the first week of the scheme. A list of broad staff research interests, as well as links to individual web pages, can be found hereLink opens in a new window.

Additional events

In addition to working on your project with your supervisor(s), there will be weekly cohort-level activities consisting of a mix of academic seminars and social events.

Expected outputs

You will be expected to produce a poster of your work throughout the internship. It should include an overview of the relevant academic literature, a reproducible description of your own work and methodology, as well as a report of obtained results. There is no formal assessment of the poster, though you can expect feedback from your supervisor. There will be a poster reception at the end of the internship at which interns are expected to present their work and results to each other, as well as graduate students and members of academic staff.
Throughout the internship, your supervisor may also require you to produce written updates, or present your progress at group meetings.

Eligibility and how to apply

We welcome applications from across the globe. You should be in (at least) the third year of undergraduate study in a quantitative subject, and on track for a first class degree.

To apply, please complete this web form. Your personal statement should indicate your academic background and interests. In particular, it would be advisable to answer the following questions:

  • What motivates you to undertake an internship?
  • What area(s) of probability or statistics particularly interest you?
  • In what subject areas does your academic background best equip you to carry out research?
  • What do you consider to be your particular strengths? (e.g. theoretical work? applied statistics? computational work?)
  • Have you already identified and/or made contact with a particular potential supervisor in the Department? (It is not necessary to do that before applying; but if you have done that already it is useful to provide the information here.)

Application deadline: 12 February 2023.

We expect to conduct interviews (mostly via Zoom or a similar platform) in the first two weeks of March, and you can expect a decision shortly thereafter.

Informal enquiries

Please send informal enquiries to Nick Tawn (N dot Tawn dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk), Marta Catalano (Marta dot Catalano at warwick dot ac dot uk), or Jere Koskela (J dot Koskela at warwick dot ac dot uk).

Warwick Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS)

The Statistics Internship Scheme is open to applications from both internal Warwick students and external applicants. Internal Warwick candidates are also eligible to apply to the Warwick URSSLink opens in a new window for internship funding. Applications to the two schemes are not mutually exclusive, though you cannot receive funding from both schemes simultaneously.

In addition to the URSS programme of development opportunities and events, successful URSS applicants based in the Statistics department will have full access to the cohort activities of the Statistics Internship Scheme. Successful URSS applicants based in the Statistics department will also receive an extra £75 of funding per week for up to 8 weeks in addition to the £1000 URSS bursary, for a total of £200 per week assuming an 8 week project.

Unlike the Statistics Internship Scheme, a URSS application has to contain a detailed project specification. If you are interested in applying, we strongly suggest you design your project together with a prospective supervisor. You can see a list of staff research areas in the Example projects section above, and contact potential supervisors directly to discuss writing an application.

Note that URSS applications should be made directly to URSS.