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Analytical Experiments


1. Analytical and experimental aspects of regulatory and signalling networks

WSB is developing Mathematical and statistical tools for:
  • deducing transcription profiles and degradation, translation and folding rates from gene reporter and related data, using this to link to models, to compare multiple reporters in the same cell, to understand cellular stochasticity and to uncover the roles of gene regulatory modules;
  • deducing network parameters structure and dynamics from time-series imaging data;
  • transcription factor binding prediction;
  • tools for the analysis of circadian rhythms;
  • imputing network structure and clustering genes from microarray data;
  • analytical tools for sensitivity analysis, parameter reduction and experimental optimisation.

Experimental aspects include:
  • detailed analysis and modeling of promoter control of individual plant and mammalian genes and related areas e.g. chromatinomics, systems epigenomics, biological nanosystems,
  • microarray (including single-cell techniques), imaging and other multi-parameter techniques to provide data for network imputation;
  • imaging and molecular biology platform for detailed and high-throughput analysis of transcriptional control.


WSB Staff: van den Berg, Beynon. Burroughs, Denby, Ott, Rand, Wild

Collaborators: B Finkenstädt (Warwick Statistics), G Koentges (Warwick), A Millar (Edinburgh), M White (Liverpool), Claire Harper (Liverpool), J Davis (Manchester), I Carré (Warwick), BioSim EU Network of Excellence

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