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Dr Magnus Richardson

I am a researcher in the field of theoretical neuroscience. I develop mathematical models of activity in the brain, work with experimentalists studying the processes of neurodegenerative diseases and have a general interest in theories of artifical and natural intelligence. Over the last 10 years I have taught modules on mathematical biology, theoretical neuroscience and machine learning. In the five years from summer 2016 I was the Director of the Mathematics for Real-World Systems Centre for Doctoral Training and led the successful UKRI-funded £5M renewal in 2018.

Publications - Research - Teaching

Research group
MSc and PhD Students
Alice Wang (with Dr Emily Hill and Professor Mark Wall)
Ivana Del Popolo (with Professor Mark Wall)

Dr Emily Hill (PhD 2021)
Dr Robert Gowers (PhD 2020)
Dr Alex Bird (PhD 2016 and postdoc)
Dr Adam Newton (PhD 2016 and postdoc)
Dr Fiona Loftus (PhD 2015)
Dr Matthew Thomas (PhD 2015 and postdoc)
Dr Paul Harrison (PhD 2014)
Dr Francesco Fermani (postdoc 2013)
Dr Michael Kerr (PhD 2013)
Dr Azadeh Khajeh Alijani (PhD 2011)
Dr Naveed Malik (PhD 2011)

Previous teaching:

MA930 Data analysis and introduction to machine learning
MA4G4 Introduction to theoretical neuroscience


Mathematics for Real-World Systems II Centre for Doctoral Training (EPSRC 2019-2027)
3D tissue reconstruction and feature identification under DIC microscopy (BBSRC 2015-2016)
Negative-feedback control of neocortical activity by the neuromodulator adenosine (BBSRC 2013-2016)

• PhD studentships are available at the Mathematics for Real-World Systems Centre for Doctoral Training.

00 44 (0) 24 761 50250
magnus.richardson [at]