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1. Global metabolic switching in Streptomyces coelicolor

Funded by a c€4.5m SysMO grant (Warwick share approx £1.5m, PI: Liz Wellington) to:
  • understand pathway networking in a complex oligotroph where there are clear links between primary and secondary metabolism (antibiotic and other bioactive metabolite production)
  • determine the utilisation networks of phosphate, carbon and nitrogen, from environment monitoring (eg PhoP/PhoR for phosphate), through to their impact on the secondary metabolism profiles, incorporating restructuring of primary metabolism (e.g. catabolism network regulation); and
  • determine the integration and convergence of regulatory pathways.


WSB Staff: Burroughs, Hodgson, Rand, Wellington and Wild

Collaborators: M C M Smith (Aberdeen), W Wohlleben (Tubingen), K Nieselt (Tubingen), L Dijkhuizen (Groningen), R Breitling (Groningen), E Takano (Groningen), J F Martin (INBIOTEC), T E. Ellingsen (NTNU)

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