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Theory to practice made easy

I really like how we continuously jumped from theory to practice such that the theoretical concepts were well understood and were natural to us. (better for keeping them in the long term)

CH953 - Team Working in a Research Environment

Wed 13 Feb 2019, 16:15 | Tags: CH953, teamwork

The stories help you to remember the important points

The course is packed with important points to remember in the form of stories.
The pace & passion of the presenters

CH953 - Team Working in a Research Environment

Wed 13 Feb 2019, 16:11 | Tags: CH953, teamwork

Definitely not death by sugar paper!

Thanks! I was hugely pleasantly surprised. This was much better than the usual death by sugar paper. A highlight was the caveats: accepting that some of this (MBTI) is flawed

CH953 - Team Working in a Research Environment

Wed 13 Feb 2019, 16:08 | Tags: CH953, teamwork

The world beyond the lab

For me, the most useful part is going out from the lab and see other options, people, points of view etc

Wed 13 Feb 2019, 16:05 | Tags: networking, teamwork

How to be an innovative leader

The session with Mary (Ways of Leading and Working Cultures) was both informative and enjoyable. It stimulated innovative ways of thinking about leadership and introduced several new concepts. Mary was highly enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with! I now realise that I'm a total Apollo in my leadership style!
CH955 Decision Making and Leadership

Mon 04 Feb 2019, 15:33 | Tags: CH955, decision making, leadership

Teamworking games

The delivery was unexpectedly entertaining and I enjoyed the pacing and the 'games' in particular

CH953, Teamworking in a Research Environment.

Thu 31 Jan 2019, 18:07 | Tags: CH953, teamwork

Networking, learning and growing together

Participating in the various workshops was incredible. It was a wonderful opportunity to network and meet researchers from other departments. The workshops designed for the programme were well structured and in every sense contributed in the development of my overall personality

Thu 31 Jan 2019, 18:06 | Tags: networking, teamwork

Engage with others out of your comfort zone

Plenty of opportunity to engage with others in a way that takes (most) students out of their comfort zone, yet in a positive setting

Thu 31 Jan 2019, 18:05 | Tags: teamwork

How to set yourself up for success and feel in control

The 'Research Project Management' module was extremely helpful.

The brilliant part of the course is that strategies are clearly presented and then we are encouraged to apply the strategy directly to our projects. I walked away with a clear idea of how I need to set myself up for success and also I feel more in control over my PhD project, which in turn makes me feel deeply motivated.

CH958 Project Management

Thu 31 Jan 2019, 18:04 | Tags: CH958, project management

How to move forward in your career

Working towards the certificate made me realise that I am already a very experienced Research Fellow and that I should look at opportunities to move forward in my career

Thu 31 Jan 2019, 18:02 | Tags: career opportunities

Understanding your own strengths

I gained an understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses and how I would use these when working in any institution.

I gained more knowledge from fellow students about the different research areas out there, by interacting with them on the different modules.

I also gained more friends!

Thu 31 Jan 2019, 18:00 | Tags: research, teamwork

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