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WASC Brochure

Advanced Bioimaging RTP

Dr Saskia Bakker,
Advanced Bioimaging RTP Manager

Electron Microscopy RTP

Steve York,
Electron Microscopy RTP Manager


Professor Julie Macpherson

Polymer Characterisation RTP

Dr. Daniel Lester,
Polymer Characterisation RTP Manager

Polymer Imaging

Professor Giovanni Costantini,

Proteomics RTP

Dr Andrew R. Bottrill,
Proteomics Facility RTP Manager

Solid-State NMR

Dr Anjali Menakath, Research Fellow

Spectroscopy RTP

Dr Ben Breeze, Spectroscopy RTP Manager 

Trace Metals/In-Vitro MRI

Professor Joanna Collingwood,
Head of the Trace Metals in Medicine Laboratory


Dr Marc Walker XPS RTP Manager


Dr David Walker, XRD RTP Manager


Ultrafast Spectroscopy (WCUS RTP)

Dr Jack Woolley,
Ultrafast Spectroscopy RTP Manager

Mark P. Barrow, mass spectrometry, research - Petroleomics

Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR)

Dr Mark Barrow