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Welcome to The University of Warwick's Solid State NMR Group


1 The MR hall in Millburn House contains 11 magnets for solid-state NMR and DNP from 2.3 Tesla up to 20 Tesla, with a large array of probes for MAS (rotor diameter 0.7 mm (111 kHz spinning) upwards) as well as static NMR and DOR. A 700 MHz solid-state NMR spectrometer is also housed in the NMR hall in the MAS building.
The multidepartment group has a wide range of solid-state NMR research interests encompassing the development of multinuclear solid-state NMR methodology and pulse-sequences combined with calculations and application to materials science, biological solids and pharmaceuticals and supramolecular chemistry. 2

News Highlights

1 GHz solid-state NMR facility to be hosted at Warwick

The UK's first 1 GHz solid-state NMR spectrometer is on its way to the
University of Warwick, thanks to £8 million grant from the Engineering and the
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The high-field
spectrometer will serve the national research community in the physical
and life sciences. It will add to the already significant NMR capabilities
here which include the existing 850 MHz high-field solid-state NMR
National Research Facility.

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