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Mass Spectrometry

The Warwick Mass Spectrometry community includes scientists with a wide range of technical and applications expertise. The lists given below are an attempt to provide a brief summary of this diversity. The links to individual's web pages provide more details.





Proteomics Research Techology Platform

Biomedical Sensors Lab

Research Interests

Improving the performance and applications of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FTICR) mass spectrometers

Drug distribution imaging

Ion-Mobility enabled proteomics

Protein Structures, particularly small-metallo proteins

Extensive use of Bioinformatic approaches which aid in the selection, processing and interpretation of data and which utilise generally available and in-house generated databases in order to characterise proteins of interest

Disease Mechanisms, particularly in the study of damage to the proteome by glycation, oxidation and nitration, related enzymatic countermeasures and other metabolic dysfunction

Biomarkers of metabolic and vascular health

Clinical applications of stable isotopic dilution analysis LC-MS/MS

Nutraceutical analysis by LC-MS/MS

Protein damage and the anitistress gene response


Uses of spectrometry in chemistry applications

MSc module CH908

Biomedical MS

MS metabolic profiling

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