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Commercial Services

The Biomedical Sensors Laboratory undertakes an extensive range of commercial projects and services associated with electronic nose applications, gas analysis and instrument development.

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These include:

  • Electronic Nose applications: We have a large range of electronic nose commercial and in-house instruments. We are able to offer companies and other universities access to our range of electronic nose, for either use within the BioMedical Sensors Lab or for rent. In addition, we offer services to develop methods for specific industrial applcations. We have previously done projects in food & drink, automotive, argiculture, security and oil & gas to name a few.
  • Medical Applications: We are able to test a range of different biological sample media. This includes breath, urine, stool and blood. We have access to a range of CL1 to CL3 facilities and are able to provided assistance, equipment and methods to aid the collection of these biological samples. Finally, with our medical partners, we are able to offer patient sample recruitment, collection, testing and data anaysis.
  • Instrument development: With our extensive experience in electronic nose and gas analysis instrumentation, we are able to provide services to companies to develop their own instruments - covering both hardware/electronic and software development.
  • Gas Sensor development: Our group and partners have developed a range of different commercial gas sensors. We have experience in developing tailored gas sensors for a range of different applications. These are based on metal-oxides, conducting polymers and GasFETs. This includes development of MEMS based processing for gas sensors.

If you have any interest in this area, please contact Prof James Covington directly at