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Metabolic Modelling

The Centre has considerable expertise in the mathematical and systems modelling of metabolic processes. This particularly relates to the modelling of chemical kinetic pathways, drug kinetics and dynamics and batch reactor processes, all allied to the control of such processes. There is strong emphasis on structural identifiability, parameter estimation and system identification of such models in a practical context.

Dr Michael Chappell is one of our key experts in the area of metabolic modelling. He has expertise in the modelling and analysis of metabolic process in biological, biomedical and pharmacokinetic systems, publishing over 160 journals, conference papers and book chapters.

Much of the emphasis of the work has been on the application of techniques in system dynamics, non-linear systems, control theory and system identification. He has particular expertise in structural identifiability and structural indistinguishability analyses.

Structural identifiability analysis is performed to determine whether the parameters of a postulated model can be estimated (uniquely or otherwise) from the available measurements or observations of a system. Such analysis is an important prerequisite for system identification, parameter estimation and experimental design.