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An internationally leading research centre in biotechnology providing opportunities to large and small businesses through our unique collection of expertise across the full range of industrial biotechnology areas, from plant science and genetics, through biochemistry and fermentation, to product synthesis and manufacturing.


Our aims

  • Offer attractive opportunities to industrial partners by covering the full range of industrial biotechnology activities.
  • Foster interdisciplinary research within the University of Warwick in the area of biotechnology.
  • Provide advanced training in biotechnology, building on the success of the MSc in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management in the School of Life Sciences.
  • Become a key strategic research centre for UK funders and a desirable research partner for the European Commission and other international funders.

We will

  • Provide access to facilities and expertise across the University of Warwick in the area of biotechnology.
  • Facilitate an industry club for industrial partners who wish to collaborate with the Centre.
  • Help coordinate larger research bids to external funders in the area of biotechnology by identifying opportunities, bringing teams together and involving industrial partners.
  • Organise biannual meetings for academic and industrial partners, covering specific biotechnology research areas.
  • Coordinate training activities in biotechnology around the University.


We were established in 2013 involving academics from four departments at the University of Warwick:

Department of Chemistry
School of Engineering
School of Life Sciences
Warwick Manufacturing Group

Information on our Launch Event can be found here