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Introduction to Applied Linguistics ..

[Anchor EU]

How does the dominance of global English affect people’s motivations to learn languages in the 21st century?

For current research insights, check out the special issue of the

Modern Language Journal (2017, volume 101, issue 3) co-edited by Ema Ushioda

[Anchor SM]

How can video engage teachers in education programmes?

See the latest tips and resources

[Anchor DDHSO]

To what extent are students experiencing a global education?

Find out more by exploring our Global Education Profiler

[Anchor TM]

What does it mean to teach and learn languages for intercultural communication?

It means developing insight into the ways that individuals use their linguistic resources to perform and evaluate social actions in diverse contexts. Read Troy McConachy’s work

[Anchor SS]

How do leaders emerge? Do men and women lead differently? And does culture really play a role in how people do leadership?

A recent book co-edited by Stephanie Schnurr answers these questions and illustrates how discourse analytical approaches can help challenge leadership stereotypes.

[Anchor JAi]

How do we transcend professional, linguistic and national boundaries in our professional lives?

A volume co-edited by Jo Angouri - Negotiating Boundaries at Work

- addresses issues around mobility and boundary crossing in the modern workplace. The book discusses the politics of belonging the ways we negotiate and index group membership.