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Duncan Hunter


Member of PAD Research Group 

Interests: Corpus Linguistics, History of ELT

PhD:  Key Concepts in The Early Communicative Movement .This project (associated with The Warwick ELT Archive) attempts to identify the key concepts that emerged during the early communicative period, by combining corpus analysis with a more “traditional” historical examination of articles in the ELT Journal.  Using journal articles from the Lee (1973 to 1981) and Rossner (1981 to 1986) editorial periods as a kind of “corpus”, it has been possible to identify a set of key terms, which appear to reflect something of the nature of the thematic changes that took place in the discourse of the journal. These key terms have been examined using two distinct, but related procedures. Firstly, they have been investigated using corpus procedures, such as negative keyword, concordance and collocational analysis.  The discussions and arguments surrounding these terms have then been studied by following their appearance in “key” articles, where the senses and implications of the emerging terms are discussed in detail. The project has become, increasingly, an investigation not only of the period the journal articles might partially reflect, but also the changing priorities and aspirations of the ELT Journal itself.  

Curriculum Vitae 

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