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How to get the most from your MA course

Thank you very much for following the link to this page. It contains just a few questions relating to your experiences as an MA student of English Language Teaching or of Applied Linguistics. The purpose is to help me to provide advice and information for people who are considering taking such a course in the future. I shall be presenting a session – ‘How to get the most from your MA course’ – on this topic at the IATEFL annual conference in Brighton on 18th April. If you are able to complete the questionnaire below this would be most appreciated. As you can see, the form is anonymous, although if you wish to provide your email address so that I can send you a report in the future, there is space at the end for you to do so. No names or other means of identifying individuals will be used in my session or any subsequent write-up.

Thanks again!

Shelagh Rixon
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