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Questionnaire for authors, editors and curriculum advisers

Welcome and many thanks for coming this far! If you have reached this page this will be because we have been in email or other communication, or you may have received the link address via a colleague. You may know that I am working on a doctoral thesis which reflects my great interest in Young Learners teaching, specifically the first steps that Young Learners in different learning contexts take in establishing reading skills in English. The definition of 'Young Learners' is children between the ages of 3 - 12 learning English as a foreign or second language in state or private schools. A major focus of my study will be published teaching materials and the roles that they play in guiding or supporting teachers of Young Learners in their work concerning reading. I am developing a number of instruments that will help me analyse the materials themselves, but in order to inform that analysis I regard it as essential to communicate with the people most concerned. I have so far conducted in depth interviews with a large number of teachers, but I should now like if possible to hear from those concerned with the planning and creation of materials for Young Learners, that is curriculum experts, publishers, editors and authors. If you could spend a little time answering some questions from me this would be very much appreciated. I realise that there may be commercially or otherwise sensitive matter involved and would firstly assure you that if you wish not to answer a particular question that is fine and will not be interpreted in any detrimental way. I have supplied an option for 'no answer' for each question. Further, I will anonymise all responses and will not discuss your answers in the thesis or any other publication in a way that would allow you or the course materials or organisation with which you are associated to be identified.
3. What role(s)have you played in the creation of English language teaching materials for Young Learners? Please click on all that apply. There is an optional text box below for you to add any details that you wish (required)
4. For what context(s) were the materials that you have been involved with created? If more than one context, please click on all responses that apply. There is an optional box below for any futher comments (required)
6. Do you have specific beliefs or principles that you think should be followed with regard to the introduction of Young Learners to their first steps in reading in English? Some general ideas are given in the alternatives opposite. Please click on all statements that you agree with but these are intended mainly as triggers or stimuli for you to react to [or against]. I am very interested in your own views which you can type in the box below if you choose (required)
7. How easy have you found it to incorporate your beliefs about early reading into the teaching materials that you have been involved with? Please click on all the statements that you agree with, but as before, it would be very valuable if you treated them as triggers for your own responses to be typed in the box below if you choose (required)
8. What are your views on the usefulness for Young Learners of Reading Methods (e.g. Phonics) that are commonly used with native speaking children? Please click on all the responses that you agree with, but it would be useful if you could treat them as triggers for your own views and responses to be typed in the box below if you choose. Please name any particular methods that you are aware of or have been influenced by (required)

That is the end of the questionnaire. Please click on the 'Send form' box below to submit. Thank you so much for your help. It is greatly appreciated Shelagh Rixon
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An undertaking is made to all who complete this form that the information collected will be kept confidential and no responses will be reported in any way which could lead to the identification of a particular individual or the organisations with which they may be associated.This form is anonymous. No data which personally identifies you is collected on the form, and the data you provide is used solely to help us improve the delivery of our courses.

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