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Dr Francesca Bargiela

Francesca Bargiela Email: f dot bargiela at warwick dot ac dot uk


Francesca Bargiela is Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Warwick and Visiting Professor at the University of Huddersfield. She received a BA (summa cum laude) from Università di Bergamo (Italy), an MA from the University of Nottingham (distinction for dissertation) and a PhD from Nottingham Trent University. She was Research Assistant, Research Fellow and later Senior Research Fellow at Nottingham Trent University from 1990 to 2008. She has lectured in several European countries, as well as in Japan, China and Malaysia. Her main areas of research are business discourse, intercultural communication, politeness studies and methodology. Publications include Managing Language (1997), Writing Business (1999, nominated for the British Association of Applied Linguistics Award), Asian Business Discourse (2005), Business Discourse (2007, winner of the Distinguished Publication on Business Communication Award 2008 of the Association for Business Communication), The Handbook of Business Discourse (2009), Face, Language and Social Interaction (2009), Politeness across Cultures and Languages (2011). Her article ‘Liminal ethnography: understanding segregated organisations’ won the Outstanding Paper Award from the Literati Network Awards for Excellence, 2008.

Brief CV
2012- Visiting Professor, University of Huddersfield
2010- Honorary Associate Professor, University of Warwick
1997-2008: Senior Research Fellow, Nottingham Trent University
1993-1997: Research Fellow, Nottingham Trent University
1990-1993: Research Assistant, Nottingham Trent University

Research Interests
Business discourse
Intercultural communication
Politeness studies

Current Research
Since 1990 my research has been concerned with spoken and written discourse in business organisations across cultures and languages. This work has resulted in four books, Managing Language (1997), Writing Business and Languages of International Business (1999); Asian Business Discourse (2005), Business Discourse (2007; 2nd ed. 2013) and The Handbook of Business Discourse (2009), and five special journal issues. Since the 2000s I have been involved in work on ‘face’ and ‘politeness’, resulting in two books Face, Language and Social Interaction (2009), Politeness across Cultures and Languages (2011), and two special journal issues. I am currently exploring the contribution of hermeneutics to interpretative research in organizational and intercultural communication, and the gap between western (intercultural) communication theory and (intercultural) communication praxis.

Selected Publications (2007 onwards)

  • Intercultural Communication and Training. Theory and Practice. Routledge, with Jo Angouri, in preparation
  • Politeness across Cultures, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011, with Dániel Z. Kádár, (eds.)
  • The Handbook of Business Discourse. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. (ed.), 2009
  • Face, Communication and Social Interaction. London: Equinox, 2009, Pb edition 2011, with Michael Haugh, (eds.)
  • Business Discourse. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 2nd ed. to appear in 2013, with Catherine Nickerson and Brigitte Planken.

Journal Articles

  • Embodied discursivity: Introducing sensory pragmatics. Journal of Pragmatics, 2013
  • Discourse(s), social construction and language practices: In conversation with M. Alvesson and D. Kärreman, Human Relations, 64 (9), 1177–1191, 2011 (invited paper).
  • Institutional politeness in (South) East Asia: An introduction. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 21 (1), 1-9, 2011, with Dániel Z. Kádár.
  • “So what problems bother you and you are not speeding up your work?” : Problem Solving talk at work. Discourse & Communication, 5 (3), 209–229, 2011, with Jo Angouri.
  • Face in interaction. Editorial. Journal of Pragmatics, 42, 2073-2077, 2010, with Michael Haugh.
  • Hyphenated research. FQS Forum. Qualitative Social Research., November 2010.
  • Discourse and/or communication: Living with ambiguity. Debate Section on ‘How to analyse the discourse of organisations’. Discourse & Communication, 2 (3), 345-350, 2008, (invited paper).
  • Introduction to the Symposium on The Foundations of Organizing: the contribution of Garfinkel, Goffman and Sacks, Organization Studies, 29 (5), 1-24, 2008, with Dalvir Samra-Fredericks.
  • Eastern voices: Enriching research on communication in business. A Forum. Discourse & Communication, 1 (2), 131-152, 2007, with Ora-Ong Chakorn, Grace Chew Chye Lay, Yeonkwon Jung, Kenneth C. C. Kong, Shanta Nair-Venugopal, and Hiromasa Tanaka.
  • Liminal ethnography: understanding segregated organisations. Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management, 2 (2), 126-143, 2007, (winner of the Literati Award for Best Article).

Book chapters

  • Business English. In: B. Paltridge and S. Starfield (eds.) The Handbook of English for Specific Purposes. Oxford: Blackwell, 2012, pp. 193-212, with Zoucheng Zhang, (invited chapter)
  • The mutual gaze. Japan, management training and the west. In: S. Nair-Venugopal (ed.) The Gaze of the West: Framings of the East, London: Equinox, pp. 139-155, 2011, with Hiromasa Tanaka, (invited chapter).
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  • Organisational change: exploring consensus and conflict in Italian business meetings. In: G. Garzone (ed.) Ideology and Ethics in Specialized Communication. A Discourse Perspective, 2007, pp. 181-206, Bern: Peter Lang, with Elena Turra, (invited chapter).

Encyclopedia Entries

  • Business Discourse. L. Cummings (ed.) Routledge Encyclopedia of Pragmatics, 2009, pp. 34-5, London: Routledge.
  • Intercultural Communication. L. Cummings (ed.) Routledge Encyclopaedia of Pragmatics. London, 2009, pp. 230-1, London: Routledge

Special Journal Issues

  • ‘Beyond discursive pragmatics. Mini-forum on sensory pragmatics’. In a Special Issue on ‘Discursive Pragmatics’, Journal of Pragmatics, 45, 2013.
  • ‘Crossing Boundaries: Working and Communicating in East Asia’, Journal of Business Communication, with Jolanta Aritz, 51, 1, in preparation.
  • ‘(Im)politeness in East and South East Asia’, Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, with Dániel Z. Kádár, 2011.
  • ‘Face in Interaction’. Journal of Pragmatics, with Michael Haugh, 2010.
  • ‘The micro-foundations of organising: A turn to Garfinkel, Goffman and Sacks’, Organization Studies, with Dalvir Samra-Fredericks, 2008.