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Dr Stephanie Schnurr



Associate Professor


Centre for Applied Linguistics
University of Warwick
Tel: 024 761 51092

Research Interests

My main research interests are professional and medical communication. I am particularly interested in leadership, and the crucial role that communication plays in leadership performance. I have researched and published widely on various aspects of leadership discourse, gender, the multiple functions and strategic uses of humour, politeness and impoliteness, identity construction, the role of culture, decision making and advice giving, and other aspects of workplace discourse in a range of professional and medical contexts.

I welcome applications for PhD research in any of these areas.

I am currently involved in several research projects. Together with colleagues from the Department of Politics and International Studies and Malcolm MacDonald from CAL, I am working on a project on 'Crisis Leadership in Global Governance.

Together with Olga Zayts from the University of Hong Kong, I am engaged in research on 'Exploring the role of culture in Leadership Discourse' and on 'Telegentic Counselling in Hong Kong'.

I am a member of the convening group of the GRP Global Governance and an ordinary member of the GRP International Development. I also participate in the PAD and WACC research groups at CAL.


I am originally from Germany but have lived and worked in different countries for more than 10 years. Before joining CAL in 2009 I lived in Hong Kong for three years where I worked at The University of Hong Kong. I got my PhD from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.


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