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Some teacher-research resources

For teachers

Richard Smith & Paula Rebolledo (2018) A Handbook for Exploratory Action Research London: British Council.

Facebook group for teachers:

Webinar introduction to Exploratory Action Research (British Council webinar for secondary school teachers in Ukraine): Paula Rebolledo & Richard Smith

NEW: Video presentations and reflections, with posters from the Teachers Research! Online 2021 conference 

For mentors or prospective mentors

Richard Smith (2020) Mentoring Teachers to Research Their Classrooms: A Practical Handbook. New Delhi: British Council. Associated video interviews with mentors.

Facebook group for mentors:

NEW: Video and posters from the International Festival of Teacher-research in ELT 2021 event Mentoring teacher-research – in a time of Covid-19

Inspiring stories of teacher-research

Paula Rebolledo, Richard Smith & Deborah Bullock (eds) (2016). Champion Teachers: Stories of Exploratory Action Research London: British Council.

Richard Smith, Amol Padwad & Deborah Bullock (eds) (2017) Teaching in Low-resource Classrooms: Voices of Experience. London: British Council.

Paula Rebolledo, Deborah Bullock & Richard Smith (eds) (2018) Champion Teachers Peru: Stories of Exploratory Action Research. London: British Council.

Paula Rebolledo & Deborah Bullock (eds) (2019) Champion Teachers Mexico: Stories of Exploratory Action Research. London: British Council.

J.S. Negi (ed.) (2019) Exploring for Action, Acting for Change: Stories of Exploratory Action Research in Nepal. Melauli: Support Society Nepal.

Sarkar, Bikash Chandra; Hedges, Claire; Griffiths, Malcolm; Mathew, Rama and Biswas, Sudeb Kumar (eds.) (2017) Teachers' Voices: Capturing the Dynamics of Change. Dhaka, Bangladesh: English in Action

Laxman Gnawali, Suman Laudari and Sagun Shrestha (eds.) (2021) Exploratory Action Research: Stories of Nepalese EFL Teachers, Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA)

Ministry of Education Sierra Leone. (2021). Teachers as Change Agents: Classroom Research in Sierra Leone Secondary Schools. Sierra Leone: Ministry of Education.

Further reading

Slides for my inaugural webinar for BBELT (Mexico) Teacher Research SIG on 'An invitation to research', 8 June 2020, and webinar recording.

Slides for my webinar for British Council India on 'Teacher-research: from first steps to mentoring', 21 & 22 May 2020, and webinar recording.