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Applied Linguistics



is for professionals, as well as for those in academia. Discover your skills-related free online resources and purchasable e-learning courses in the areas of:

For Companies

Meet the challenges of the VUCA world of today and tomorrow through our diagnostic tools and (blended) development courses!

For HE Institutions

Is internationalisation a key strategy for your HEI? Explore how to make it more comprehensive through our diagnostic tools, (blended) development courses and more.

Knowledge Exchange

Free access to our research findings and frameworks that underpin all our GlobalPeople work.


Applied Linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that identifies, investigates, and offers solutions to problems related to language and communication in all aspects of human life. We are committed to research that can make a real difference to society and people's lives by informing policy, changing practice and challenging perceptions.

Our strengths are: