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Dr Richard Smith - Publications

Publications - links etc.


  • Accepted for publication. 'L.A. Hill's "neutral English": a historical counterpart to ELF'. (co-authored with R. Lowe). ELT Journal.
  • In press. Mentoring Teachers to Research Their Classrooms: A Practical Handbook. London: British Council.

  • In press. Foreword to Negi, J.S. (ed.) Exploring for Action, Acting for Change: Stories of Exploratory Action Research in Nepal. Melauli: Support Society Nepal.
  • 2019. ‘Bilingual English teaching in colonial India: the case of John Murdoch’s work in Madras Presidency, 1855–1875’. (co-authored with R. Vennela). Language & History 62(2-3). Corrected pre-publication version here.
  • 2019. ‘How can English teachers develop appropriate methodology? How can they have autonomy?’. In Doff, S., Giesler, T. and Tödter, M. (eds) Die große Frage. Normen, Konzepte, empirische Befunde und Anwendungsbezüge in der aktuellen Fremdsprachendidaktik. Studien zur Fremdsprachendidaktik und Spracherwerbsforschung. Vol. 12. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 245–260.
  • 2019. Foreword to Sağlam, A.L.G. and Dikilitaş, K. (eds) Stories by Teacher Researchers in an Online Research Community. Faversham: IATEFL. Open Access.
  • (2017) '"Scientific" language teaching'. The Journal of English Language Teaching (India) 59/5: 18-21. Open Access.
  • (2017) Teaching in Low-resource Classrooms: Voices of Experience. (edited with A. Padwad and D. Bullock). London: British Council. Open Access.
  • (2017) Developing Insights into Teacher-research. Faversham: IATEFL (edited with Anne Burns, Kenan Dikilitas and Mark Wyatt). Online (Open Access).
  • (2017) A History of IATEFL: The First 50 Years of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (with Shelagh Rixon). Faversham: IATEFL. Online (Open Access).
  • (2017) 'Reflections on "Teachers Research! Chile 2016"' (with Laura Aza and Débora Izé Balsemão Oss). ELT Research 32: 26-29. Online (Open Access).
  • (2016). 'By teachers for teachers': innovative, teacher-friendly publishing of practitioner research' (with D. Bullock, P. Rebolledo and A. Robles López). English Language Teacher Education and Development (ELTED) Journal 20: 116–125. Online (Open Access)
  • (2016) Special Issue (Volume 20) of ELTED Journal, on 'Innovative Writing in English Language Teacher Education and Development' (co-editor with D. Banegas) Online (Open Access).
  • (2016). Children and Teachers as Co-researchers in Indian Primary English Classrooms. (Co-authored with A. Pinter and R. Mathew). London: The British Council. Online (Open Access).
  • (2016) 'Teacher development: low-resource classrooms' (video materials). Online.
  • (2016). 'Researching teacher associations' (with Kuchah Kuchah). ELT Journal 70/2: 212-221.
  • (2016). Champion Teachers: Stories of Exploratory Action Research (edited with P. Rebolledo and D. Bullock). London: British Council. Online (Open Access).
  • (2016). ‘ELT Journal / IATEFL Debate: Language testing does more harm than good’ (with A. Green). In Pattison, T. (ed.) IATEFL 2015 Manchester Conference Selections. Faversham: IATEFL, pp. 192-195. Also on ELT Journal website (Open Access).
  • (2016). 'Building "Applied Linguistic Historiography": Rationale, scope and methods', by Richard Smith. Applied Linguistics 37/1: 71-87. Online (Open Access).
  • (2015). Teachers Research! (edited with Deborah Bullock). Faversham: IATEFL Research SIG. Online (Open Access).
  • (2015). 'The concept, or spirit, of “Teachers Research!"'. In Bullock, D. and Smith, R. (eds) Teachers Research! Faversham: IATEFL Research SIG. Online (Open Access).
  • (2015). '‘Introducing: a new kind of book for teacher-research’. In Bullock, D. and Smith, R. (eds) Teachers Research! Faversham: IATEFL Research SIG. Online (Open Access).
  • (2015). Teacher-researchers in Action (edited with K. Dikilitas and W. Trotman).  Faversham: IATEFL Online (Open Access)
  • (2015). ‘Exploratory action research: why, what, and where from?’ In Dikilitas, K., Smith, R. and Trotman, W (eds). Teacher-researchers in Action. Faversham: IATEFL, Chapter 3 (pp. 37-45). Online (Open Access).
  • (2015) Review of Teacher Research in Language Teaching: A Critical Analysis by S. Borg, Cambridge University Press 2013. ELT Journal 69/2: 205-208.
  • (2015) ‘Supporting teacher-research: challenges and opportunities’ (with P. Rebolledo, F. Shamim and M. Wyatt). In Pattison, T. (ed.) IATEFL 2014 Harrogate Conference Selections. Faversham: IATEFL, pp. 197-201. Pre-publication version.
  • (2015) 'The state of ELT research in the UK (Part II)' (roundtable discussion report, with Gosia Sky). ELT Research 30; 21-24. Online (Open Access)
  • (2014) Directory of UK ELT Research, 2011–12 (Co-author with S. Choi, I. Liggins and G. Sky). London: The British Council. Online (Open Access).
  • (2014) 'The history of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, from a British and European perspective’ (with A.P.R. Howatt). Language and History 57/1: 75-95. Online (Open Access)
  • ‘An interview with John Trim (1924—2013) on the history of modern language learning and teaching’, by Richard Smith and Nicola McLelland (2014). Language and History57/1: 10-25. Online (Open Access)
  • ‘Building the history of language learning and teaching (HoLLT)’, (with N. McLelland). Introduction to special issue on ‘History of Modern Language Education in Europe’. Language and History 57/1: 1-9. Online (Open Access)

  • (2014) ‘Teacher-research as continuing professional development: A project with Chilean secondary school teachers’ (with T. Connelly and P. Rebolledo). Chapter 5 in Hayes, D. (ed.) Innovations in the Continuing Professional Development of English Language Teachers. London: The British Council, pp. 111–128. Online (Open Access)
  • [2014]. ‘Transformations in ELT: Agents, contexts and opportunities’. In Shrestha, P.N., Dhakal, K.R., Ojha, L.P., Rana, L.B., and Rawal, H. (eds) NELTA Conference Proceedings 2013. Kathmandu, Nepal: Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association, pp. 12-22. Pre-publication version.
  • (2014) '"Teacher Association research": An innovative form of teacher-research' [with H. Kuchah Kuchah]. Voices (January-February).
  • (2013) [Editor]. The Warwick ELT Archive Catalogue, 3rd, updated edition (Part 1: Published materials (up to 1979); Part 2: Unpublished / archival items; Part 3: Selected items published from 1980 onwards). Published online:
  • (2013) 'Harold E. Palmer, IRLT and "historical sense" in ELT’. IRLT Journal 12 (Journal of the Institute for Research in Language Teaching, Tokyo: Special issue to celebrate the Institute's 90th anniversary). Pre-publication version.
  • (2013) . ‘Exploring teacher-learning: Interview with Richard Smith, Learner Development SIG co-founder’ [with A. Barfield]. Learning Learning 20/2: 44-49. Online:
  • (2013). ‘Researching with children’ (Online Forum Report) [with A. Pinter and K. Kuchah]. ELT Journal 67/4: 484-487.
  • (2013). Foreword to Dikilitaş, K. (ed.). Teacher-research Studies: Inquiries from Teacher Perspectives, Volume 2. Ankara: Nobel.
  • (2013). ‘Teacher education and autonomy: Where’s the real story?’ [with G. Barkhuizen and F. Vieira]. In A. Barfield & N.Delgado Alvarado (eds), Autonomy in Language Learning: Stories of Practices. Canterbury, England: IATEFL Learner Autonomy SIG. Pre-publication version.
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  • (2012) 'A.S. Hornby's life and legacy'. ELT Journal 66/1: 1-5.
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Selected pre-2007 publications

PhD Supervision / Research Projects / Professional Commitments - Links

Responsibilities in the Centre for Applied Linguistics

  • Convenor of the Language Learning, Teaching, and Assessment (LLTA) Research Group
  • Chair of CAL's Warwick 50th anniversary working group, and CAL representative on Faculty of Social Sciences Warwick in California committee
  • Teaching: Foreign Language Learning (BA); Language Learning for a Global Career (MSc); Issues and Research in ELT (MA);, English in International Development (MA); Research Methodology (MA and PhD programmes)
  • Supervision of MA and PhD dissertations / theses;
  • Director of the Warwick ELT Archive;


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