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Professor Richard Smith - Publications

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  • (2015). Teachers Research! (edited with Deborah Bullock). Faversham: IATEFL Research SIG. Online (Open Access).
  • (2015). 'The concept, or spirit, of “Teachers Research!"'. In Bullock, D. and Smith, R. (eds) Teachers Research! Faversham: IATEFL Research SIG. Online (Open Access).
  • (2015). '‘Introducing: a new kind of book for teacher-research’. In Bullock, D. and Smith, R. (eds) Teachers Research! Faversham: IATEFL Research SIG. Online (Open Access).
  • (2015). Teacher-researchers in Action (edited with K. Dikilitas and W. Trotman).  Faversham: IATEFL Online (Open Access)
  • (2015). ‘Exploratory action research: why, what, and where from?’ In Dikilitas, K., Smith, R. and Trotman, W (eds). Teacher-researchers in Action. Faversham: IATEFL, Chapter 3 (pp. 37-45). Online (Open Access).
  • (2015) Review of Teacher Research in Language Teaching: A Critical Analysis by S. Borg, Cambridge University Press 2013. ELT Journal 69/2: 205-208.
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  • (2015) ‘Supporting teacher-research: challenges and opportunities’ (with P. Rebolledo, F. Shamim and M. Wyatt). In Pattison, T. (ed.) IATEFL 2014 Harrogate Conference Selections. Faversham: IATEFL, pp. 197-201. Pre-publication versionLink opens in a new window.
  • (2015) 'The state of ELT research in the UK (Part II)' (roundtable discussion report, with Gosia Sky). ELT Research 30; 21-24. Online (Open Access)
  • (2014) Directory of UK ELT Research, 2011–12 (Co-author with S. Choi, I. Liggins and G. Sky). London: The British Council. Online (Open Access).
  • (2014) 'The history of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, from a British and European perspective’ (with A.P.R. Howatt). Language and History 57/1: 75-95. Online (Open Access)Link opens in a new window
  • ‘An interview with John Trim (1924—2013) on the history of modern language learning and teaching’, by Richard Smith and Nicola McLelland (2014). Language and History57/1: 10-25. Online (Open Access)
  • ‘Building the history of language learning and teaching (HoLLT)’, (with N. McLelland). Introduction to special issue on ‘History of Modern Language Education in Europe’. Language and History 57/1: 1-9. Online (Open Access)

  • (2014) ‘Teacher-research as continuing professional development: A project with Chilean secondary school teachers' (with T. Connelly and P. Rebolledo). Chapter 5 in Hayes, D. (ed.) Innovations in the Continuing Professional Development of English Language Teachers. London: The British Council, pp. 111–128.
  • [2014]. ‘Transformations in ELT: Agents, contexts and opportunities’. In Shrestha, P.N., Dhakal, K.R., Ojha, L.P., Rana, L.B., and Rawal, H. (eds) NELTA Conference Proceedings 2013. Kathmandu, Nepal: Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association, pp. 12-22.Pre-publication version.
  • (2014) '"Teacher Association research": An innovative form of teacher-research' [with H. Kuchah Kuchah]. Voices (January-February).
  • (2013) [Editor]. The Warwick ELT Archive Catalogue, 3rd, updated edition (Part 1: Published materials (up to 1979); Part 2: Unpublished / archival items; Part 3: Selected items published from 1980 onwards). Published online: opens in a new window
  • (2013) 'Harold E. Palmer, IRLT and "historical sense" in ELT’. IRLT Journal 12 (Journal of the Institute for Research in Language Teaching, Tokyo: Special issue to celebrate the Institute's 90th anniversary). Pre-publication versionLink opens in a new window.
  • (2013) . ‘Exploring teacher-learning: Interview with Richard Smith, Learner Development SIG co-founder’ [with A. Barfield]. Learning Learning 20/2: 44-49. Online: opens in a new window
  • (2013). ‘Researching with children’ (Online Forum Report) [with A. Pinter and K. Kuchah]. ELT Journal 67/4: 484-487.
  • (2013). Foreword to Dikilitaş, K. (ed.). Teacher-research Studies: Inquiries from Teacher Perspectives, Volume 2. Ankara: Nobel.
  • (2013). ‘Teacher education and autonomy: Where’s the real story?’ [with G. Barkhuizen and F. Vieira]. In A. Barfield & N.Delgado Alvarado (eds), Autonomy in Language Learning: Stories of Practices. Canterbury, England: IATEFL Learner Autonomy SIG. Pre-publication versionLink opens in a new window.
  • (2013). 5 short chapters in Strawson, H. et al. 53 Ways to Deal with Large Classes [with M. Ajjan]. Newmarket, Suffolk: The Professional and Higher Partnership.
  • (2013). ‘ELT coursebooks: Past, present and possible’ [with Gray, J., Freeman, D., Kiai, A., Tanaka, M. and Banegas, D.]. In Pattison, T. (ed.) IATEFL 2012 Glasgow Conference Selections. Canterbury: IATEFL. Pre-publication versionLink opens in a new window.
  • (2010). [Co-editor]. Thematic Bibliography on Large Class Teaching / Teaching in Difficult Circumstances (2002 onwards) . [with M. Ajjan, M. Saleem and X. Huang.] Coventry: Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick. Online:
  • (2010). Directory of UK ELT Research 2005-08. London: The British Council. [jointly compiled with S. Rixon.]
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  • (2007) 'The origins of ELT Journal'. OnlineLink opens in a new window [on the Oxford University Press ELT Journal website].
  • (2007) 'The birth and early years of the IATEFL Learner Independence SIG'. Independence 40: 4-12.
  • (2007) 'Responding to resistance'. In A. Barfield and S. Brown (eds), Reconstructing Autonomy in Language Education: Inquiry and Innovation. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [co-authored with P. Brown and E. Ushioda.]

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