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Dr Richard Smith (contd.)

Pre-2007 Publications


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Selected pre-2007 publications

  • (2006). 'Pioneering autonomy: An interview with Leni Dam'. Independence 39: 3-5.
  • (2006) ‘Developing teacher-learner autonomy: constraints and opportunities in pre-service training’, in Bobb-Wolff, L. and Vera Batista, J.L. (eds), Proceedings of The Canarian Conference on Developing Autonomy in the FL Classroom 2003. La Laguna, Spain: University of La Laguna. Also available online.
  • (2006) Japanese: Language and People, 2nd edition. London: BBC Active (1st edition 1991). [co-authored with T. Hughes Parry and B. Moeran].
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  • (2005) 'Developing professional autonomy: an action research based MA module and its ongoing evaluation'. Interactions 9/2 (Issue 26). Online:

  • (2004) ‘Lessons from the past: traditions and reforms’, in Makarova, V. and T. Rodgers (eds.) English Language Teaching: The Case of Japan. Munich: Lincom Europa, 2004. [Co-authored with M. Imura]. Also available online.

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  • (2004) Introduction to special issue on 'Cross-cultural concerns in English language teacher education and development'. English Language Teacher Education and Development 8: i-iv. Online [co-authored with G. Sharpling].
  • (2004) 'Lionel Billows (1909–2004): In memoriam'. English Language Teacher Education and Development 8: 83–87. Online [with Alan Maley]
  • (2004) English Language Teaching for Speakers of Other Languages, 1900-1980: A Comprehensive Bibliography, version 1. Online
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  • (2003) (ed.) Learner Autonomy Across Cultures: Language Education Perspectives. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. [Co-edited with David Palfreyman.] Link to more information.
  • (2003) 'Pedagogy for autonomy as (becoming-)appropriate methodology'. In Smith, R.C. and D. Palfreyman (eds), Learner Autonomy across Cultures. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • (2003) 'Postscript: Implications for language education'. In Smith, R.C. and D. Palfreyman (eds), Learner Autonomy across Cultures. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • (2003) 'Teacher education for teacher-learner autonomy', in Gollin, J., G. Ferguson and H. Trappes-Lomax (eds), Symposium for Language Teacher Educators: Papers from Three IALS Symposia (CD-ROM). Edinburgh: IALS, University of Edinburgh. Also available online.

  • (2003) 'Faute de mieux? Simulated action research, from participant perspectives', in Hancioglu, D. (ed.), TDTR5: [Proceedings of] Teachers Develop Teachers Research (CD-ROM). Ankara, Turkey: Middle Eastern Technical University & IATEFL Teacher Development and Research SIGs. Also available online [co-authored with P. Brown, S. Alagoz and S. Icmez].

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  • 2000–2001. ‘Interconnections: Learner autonomy, teacher autonomy’ (with Andy Barfield). Learning Learning 7, 8/1. Available online: and here (scanned).
  • 2000. Foundations of Foreign Language Teaching: Nineteenth-century Innovators, six volumes (Co-editor with A.P.R. Howatt). London: Routledge.
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  • 1997. ‘From Asian views of autonomy to revised views of Asia: beyond Autonomy 2000’. Learning Learning 4/1: 16-19 (also, in LALL (newsletter of the AILA Scientific Commission on Learner Autonomy in Language Learning), no. 3: 6-9. Online: [this link is now broken -but the Learning Learning version is still accessible]
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