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Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey





Centre for Applied Linguistics
University of Warwick
Tel: +44 (0)24 76523200

Research Interests

My main research interests are: - Social pragmatics, especially the interrelationship between language use and the management of interpersonal relations (face theory, politeness theory, rapport management theory). - Intercultural interaction, including cross-cultural pragmatics, intercultural discourse, and the interface between culture, language and behaviour. - Intercultural adaptation and change, including issues of identity and hybridity, culture shock, intercultural competence and development. - Culture and pedagogy.


My educational background is in both psychology and linguistics, and throughout my career I have worked at the interface of the two disciplines. My first teaching experience was in Hong Kong, where I taught English language to sixth-form (pre-university) students, as well as to adults taking evening classes at a British Council language school. Later I spent 7 very happy years working at Shanghai Jiaotong University, training teachers of English language from colleges and universities in the eastern region of China. After completing my PhD at Lancaster University, I lectured at the University of Luton for 10 years and established the first MA in Intercultural Communication in the UK. In 2002 I started managing the major inter-governmental eChina-UK Programme on behalf of the Higher Education Funding Council for England, and found it a transforming experience. I joined the University of Warwick in September 2007.

Research Projects

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  • Vigier, Mary, Spencer-Oatey, Helen, 2017. Code-switching in newly formed multinational project teams : challenges, strategies and effects. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 17 (1), pp. 23-37, View
  • Spencer-Oatey, Helen, 2017. Transformative learning for social integration : overcoming the challenge of greetings. Intercultural Education, View
  • Messelink, H. E., Van Maele, J., Spencer-Oatey, Helen, 2015. Intercultural competencies : what students in study and placement mobility should be learning. Intercultural Education, Volume 26 (Number 1), pp. 62-72, View
  • Žegarac, Vladimir, Spencer-Oatey, Helen, Ushioda, Ema, 2014. Conceptualizing mindfulness-mindlessness in intercultural interaction. International Journal of Language and Culture, 1 (1), pp. 75-97, View
  • Spencer-Oatey, Helen, 2013. Relating at work : facets, dialectics and face. Journal of Pragmatics, Volume 58, pp. 121-137, View
  • Žegarac, Vladimir, Spencer-Oatey, Helen, 2013. Achieving mutual understanding in intercultural project partnerships : co-operation, self-orientation, and fragility. Intercultural Pragmatics, Volume 10 (Number 3), pp. 433-458, View
  • Spencer-Oatey, Helen, Dauber, Daniel, 2015. How internationalised is your university? From structural indicators to an agenda for integration, GlobalPAD/University of Warwick, Working or Discussion paper, View
  • Spencer-Oatey, Helen, Dauber, Daniel, Williams, Stephen, 2014. Promoting integration on campus : principles, practice and issuesfor further exploration, UKCISA/University of Warwick, Report, View

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