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Anastasia Stavridou


Hello! I submitted my PhD thesis (Sep 2018 - Dec 2021) in the Department of Applied Linguistics, and recently passed my viva (February 2022). In April 2022, I started an Early Career Fellowship (Post-doc) with the Institute of Advanced Studies. In September 2022 I joined the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies at the University of Manchester as a Lecturer.

My research interests lie in the fields of Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis and Intercultural Communication more broadly, and in leadership - followership, sports communication and identity construction more specifically. Moreover, I am member of the Sports Culture and Communication Research Collective (SCCRCLink opens in a new window) where we engage with several research projects and explore the crucial role of language in high performance sports.

Current Research

My current research aims to explore the discursive construction of leadership and followership, to question mainstream conceptualisations of these notions and to find out more about the discourse of sports with a particular focus on instances where leadership and followership practices unfold. My thesis was supervised by Professor Stephanie Schnurr and Dr Kieran File.


As a PhD student I have been involved in various teaching opportunities. In more detail, I have been online tutor for the Warwick Online Learning Certificate (WOLC) launched between April and June 2020 for first year UG students, associate tutor for the BA module PO107 Introduction to Politics (2019-2020) (PAIS) and I have taught on the following MSc and MA modules within the department: ET9B1 Approaches to Written Discourse (2019-2020), ET910 Exploring Professional Communication (2018-2021), ET915 Leadership, Teamwork & Culture (2018-2022). Finally, I have been tutor for the Research Methods Module delivered to the MA and MSc students of the department (2018-2021).

In 2021-2022, I am a Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant for the MSc modules ET913 Culture, Identity & Adaptation (Term 1), ET915 Leadership, Teamwork, & Culture (Term 2) and for ET9D7 MSc Dissertation (Term 3).


Schoofs, K., Van de Mieroop, D., Schnurr, S., Huang, H., & Stavridou, A. (2022). "Masks aren't comfortable of sexy, but...": Exploring identity work on Dr Mike's Instagram during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. In A. Musolff, R. Breeze, K. Kondo, & S. Vilar-Lluch. (Eds.), Pandemic and Crisis Discourse: Communicating COVID-19 and Public Health Strategy (pp. 431-451). Bloomsbury Publishing.

Schnurr, S., File, K. A., Clayton, D., Stavridou, A., and Wolfers, S. (2021). Exploring the processes of emergent leadership in a netball team. Providing empirical evidence through discourse analysis. Discourse & Communication, 15(1), 1-19.

File, K., Schnurr, S., Clayton, D., Wolfers, S., & Stavridou, A. (2020). Communicating under pressure: Focus on coach talk: How do boxing coaches communicate in the breaks between rounds on fight night?.

Stavridou, A. (2017). Ethnography as an approach to Language-and-Culture teaching and learning. In B. Taye, F. Smith, … S. Liu (Eds.), The Warwick ELT. Warwick University.

Conference Attendance

2021: 17th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA), 27 June-02 July, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland (online)

2019: 7th New Zealand Discourse Conference, 03-06 December, Massey University, New Zealand

2019: 14th Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching, 11 July, Lancaster University, UK

2019: 10th Discourse, Communication and the Enterprise Conference (DICOEN 10), 03-05 June, KU Leuven, Belgium

Academic Background

I hold an MSc in Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions (with Distinction) also from CAL. Before joining the department in September 2016 for my postgraduate studies, I obtained a BA in English Language and Literature from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. In addition, I spent four rewarding months as an Erasmus Exchange Student at the University of Eastern Finland at Joensuu.

Professional Activities

Chair of the CAL PhD Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) (2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021)

PGR Social Sciences Faculty Representative (2018-2019)

Intercultural Training Facilitator for the Intercultural Awareness Workshops, World at Warwick (2018- )

Warwick Ambassador for the Warwick Welcome Services (2018- )

Committee member of the 23rd Warwick International Conference in Applied Linguistics (WICAL) (2020-2021), 22nd Warwick International Conference in Applied Linguistics (WICAL) (2018-2019) & Chair of the 20th Warwick International Conference in Applied Linguistics (WICAL) (2016-2017)

Anastasia Stavridou

Anastasia Stavridou 

*News*: As of September 2022, I have joined the Centre for Translation and intercultural Studies at the University of Manchester. You can contact me at